6 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Online

In the event you’re trying to get the best YouTube thumbnail generator, you’ve come to the correct area. We’ve covered the best YouTube Thumbnail Maker for the average user in this post.

With an estimated 2.3 billion active users by the year 2021, YouTube will be the second most popular social media site behind Facebook. Every day, 7,20,000 hours of video are added to this enormous network..

With so much content out there, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and your excellent video may never be seen by the right people. When determining how many people have seen your video, the click rate is critical. Even if many people see your movie in their stream and scroll past it, they may not click to watch it.

How to get exposure

If the video is persuasive, getting viewers to click at least once is a realistic way to enhance this measure. Creating a compelling thumbnail is crucial to making sure readers understand your content and its relevance to their lives.

There are several YouTube Thumbnail Makers and graphic design tools on the internet. However, online tools are more convenient to use because they don’t require installation, graphic design knowledge, or other specialized gear. Listed here are the six best online tools for creating YouTube thumbnails.

The Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Online


Using Canva as a YouTube Thumbnail Maker online is easier and more efficient than using Photoshop or similar applications. As an online-based programmed, it’s accessible and synchronizable with ease on a mobile device, tablet, or a PC.

It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to know anything about it to utilize it. Canva’s free basic edition does not expire. Canva Pro updated, on the other hand, allows you to use all features and eliminate watermarks on licensed assets.

Using Canva’s template-based graphic design, animation, and video creation tools, you can easily create an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail by picking and choosing from a large number of available elements.

Not only that, but you can also create logos, social media graphics, beautiful fonts, visual animations, templates, and sticker sets. When you wish to share a YouTube thumbnail on another platform, you may simply resize it with the click of a button.

Your projects are organized, and you may also make them available to the rest of your team. Using a Brand kit saves you time by allowing you to maintain all of your brand’s elements in one place.


Adobe Spark is a free website and mobile software that may help you create multimedia and mash-up diverse multimedia materials to create posts, pages, and movies for YouTube Thumbnail Maker. Adobe Spark. In the same vein as Canva, this is an easy-to-use application for creating eye-catching pictures that will draw in new customers.

Posts, Pages, and Videos are all components of Adobe Spark, with Spark Posts being used to generate thumbnails for upload to YouTube. For example, it may be used on a PC or laptop running Mac OS X or on a Chromebook or Windows laptop running Windows, or even on an iOS or Android mobile device.

It’s also excellent for making invites, posters, memes, brochures, and even a website or eBook. Teachers and students can use Adobe Spark Post for free; a premium version is available to everyone else.


With Fotor, you can build uncompromising visual designs and YouTube thumbnails without resorting to template-based tools like those mentioned above. Free online picture editing tools are provided, and they advertise themselves as a web-based photo editor.

In addition to the usual cropping, resizing and effect-adding capabilities (such as color splash), it features a wide range of photo-editing tools. You don’t need to be an expert to utilize them because they are well-organized and readily available, saving you time. Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to use Fotor, it’s time to try it out for yourself.


For designing infographics, Venngage is far superior than any other tool, and it can be configured to meet your specific company objectives, whether they be marketing or educating or the development of social media material. Venngage is the best tool for video makers that incorporate infographics into their work.

It’s a free tool for signing up, but you’ll have to pay to access all the extras. Custom layouts, editing features, and simple sharing choices all help to improve the overall appearance of your thumbnail. It takes a long time to get everything set up.


As an added bonus, Visme is an online graphic design and editing tool powered by SaaS that offers a plethora of template options. Use the social media templates thumbnail builder template to make your job a lot simpler. Elements, your own graphics, typefaces, and even movies may all be included.

Using the thumbnail builder, you can add fonts, shapes, icons, and backgrounds to your thumbnail while also applying filters and other editing tools to make your thumbnail seem its best. Additionally, you can quickly produce fantastic presentations, movies, infographics, social media postings, and design publications using the tools at your disposal….


Additionally, PicMonkey’s online picture editing tool is head and shoulders above the others, offering a comprehensive set of photo editing options as well as newer fonts, backdrops, and components. To save and share your work, you’ll have access to a Chrome extension. However, the free trial period lasts for just seven days.

You’re welcome, artist.

So, not only will you learn how simple it is to make a thumbnail utilizing these tools. Digital marketing aspirants, like myself, will learn how to utilize these technologies to produce visually attractive tales for readers and discover that even the process of making a professional document appeals to their artistic side.

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