Aluxey Com Reviews – Check If It Is A Scam!

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Aluxey Com Reviews – Check If It Is A Scam! Are you searching for an online shopping website for your online clothing?

If you are a woman, you will need a lot of dresses which may feel luxurious and unique. But, in this twentieth century, you would never like to go out for a market to purchase some beautiful dresses. So, at this time, e-commerce websites are progressing day by day. Among these websites, a lot of scammers also exist as black sheep.

But, we cannot say which shopping website is a scam and which is not.

In this article, you will know whether Aluxey Com is legit or just another scam.

What is Aluxey Com?

Aluxey com is an online shopping website which claims to sell various women clothing, shoes and accessories. It seems this shopping store is only for women, and there is nothing available for men. Some of its clothing items include dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

Aluxey com offers various attractive discounts to its customers. For example, if you purchase five dresses through aluxey shopping store, you will find the sixth dress free of cost.

Anyhow, some outwear which aluxey com is selling are hooded long sleeve sweater, substantial cotton outwear, long sleeve casual outwear, printed outwear and teddy bear coat.

But, you should gather all the necessary information about aluxey com before purchasing any item through this online store.

The following steps will help you out to know the reality behind aluxey com:

Age of Aluxey Com

First of all, you should know the age of aluxey com as most legit websites are at least five years old. It is a human nature that it cannot trust any shopping store so early. So, if you want to know the age of aluxey com, whois website will be the best way for it. All you need to do is go to whois website and place the web address there.

You will find that this website is no more than two months old. So, it not a trustworthy shopping store at any cost.

Email Address Information

The email address which Aluxey Com website has provided in its Contact Us page is not the unprofessional email. Most scam websites always share an unprofessional email address to its customers like Gmail, yahoo or outlook. But, in the case of Aluxey Com, there is nothing like that.

Aluxey Com has provided an email address with its brand name as its domain. For that reason, Aluxey Com might not be a scam.

Fake Office Address

Aluxey Com has also mentioned an office address in its Contact Us page, but it is not the return address of it. Aluxey Com says it is just the office address, but you cannot return your order at this address. It means Aluxey Com does not want to facilitate its customers with a return option.

Once you purchase something through Aluxey Com, you cannot return it. So, Aluxey Com is a highly suspicious website. Moreover, if you search this address at Google, you will find no presence of any office which belongs to Aluxey Com. so, it may be a scam shopping website.

Facebook Profile

Aluxey Com is present on the social media platform. If you visit this website, you will find a Facebook icon at the bottom of its homepage. Now, click on that icon. A new tab will appear with a Facebook page named Aluxey. So, Aluxey Com might not be the scam shopping store because most of the scammers always avoid such platforms.


Aluxey Com contains a very few information in it’s about page. Moreover, there is no exact contact information on this website. You should not trust such online shopping store after just watching the stock of it. Such scam shopping websites get money from you for the original product and deliver you very cheap Chinese products.

Best of luck!

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