Beautbi.Com Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert!

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Beautbi.Com Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert! Do you want to purchase coffee pots at a reasonable price?

This article is the complete guide of Beautbi reviews.

Do you want to buy unique coffee pots?

Coffee plays a vital to begin an energetic day. No one of us can even imagine starting one’s day without taking a cup of coffee. It represents the pivotal role to improve the productivity of the employees. Moreover, coffee time at the office makes a friendly environment of your colleagues around you.

In this article, you will be provided all the necessary information about the legitimacy of Beautbi com website.

Is Beautbi Com Legit?

Beautbi is an eCommerce store where you can find a vast stock of different sizes of coffee pots. All these coffee pots are available in stainless steel material. As you may know that stainless steel metal is quite hygienic for your health, Beautbi coffee pots hold their importance in this regard. Also, these pots are corrosion, fire and heat resistant.

But, are these pots legit? Following points about Beautbi store will help you out:

Age of Beautbi Com

Age of any website tells us a lot about the legitimacy of that site. If a website is more than five years old, it might not be a scam. But, the scammers always use new sites to cheat the people. If you want to check the age of Beautbi com, will help you out. Just place on site. You will find that Beautbi com site is only seventeen days old website. How can such a new website be trustworthy? It gets us in suspicion. Think about it!

Payment Mode of Beautbi

If you purchase anything through Beautbi, you will find that this online store provides just the PayPal facility to its customers. It is informed you that most scam drop shippers use only PayPal account to swindle money from innocent people. Beautbi store might also be one of them. There is a high risk of losing your money by purchasing pots through Beautbi.

Fake Return Address

Now move to the Contact Us page of Beautbi. You will find that the office address provided on this page is also not real. If you search this address at Google, you will find that there is no existence of anything related to Beautbi store. It is a dodgy address. No legit website can do this. It would be best if you thought about it before shopping through Beautbi.

Wrong Telephone Number

The telephone number provided at the Contact Us page of Beautbi store also seems fake. If you call at this number, no one will answer that call. It must be a fake phone number. Most scammers always provide wrong phone numbers to dodge their customers. Just think about it!


After scrutinizing Beautbi com website intensely, one may, quickly, say this is a fake online store which wants to swindle the money of people. There is a lot of information which is misleading and dodgy in Beautbi com. You should be aware of all such suspicious sites. They may also hack your bank account information.

Best of luck!

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