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Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

Have you ever heard about Bestboro? If you want know the reality of this store, read this article deeply. You must know that fake online stores are looting the people all over the world these days. How can we be smart to judge the reality of various online stores? We will tell you all the tricks to decide whether a certain website is legit or just a scam.

What is is an online shopping site where you can find a huge variety of women beach bags, toots, cover-ups, swim wears, bikini tops and bikini bottoms. But, you will also find kayaks, bikes and playground sets at a very low price. Their attractive collection and low prices make someone think to buy them reluctantly. Anyhow, it may be a scam. You should gather all the necessary information about this online store before purchasing anything from it. After reading this article, you can decide what you should do.

·        Fake Office Address

In the contact us page of, you will find its office address like this: 347 Perrow Lane, Manakin-sabot, VA 23103 United States. After searching this address at Google maps, you will see a house in a forest and nothing else. How can an ordinary house be an office of a huge company? It is obviously a fake office address. Why has this website provided a fake office address? You must think about it seriously.

·        Fake Social Media Icons has used fake social media icons at the top-right of the website. if you click anyone from facebook, pinterest and instagram, you will find no bestboro appearance there. These icons are just used to attract the people and get their trust. Usually, fake online stores do this to swindle the innocent people.

·        Age of the Website

The age of the website tells us whether this website is trustworthy or not. Normally, young websites have the high possibility to be scams. So if you place at website, you will find its registered date which is: 2020-04-04. It means this website is just 2 months old. 2 months is a very short time to trust any website. So you should also think about this point.

·        Hidden Email Address

The email address of this website is kept in privacy. shows that it has hidden its email address in the guise of As I have already discussed about website in my previous article, this website is used by the people who want to hide their email addresses in front of the people. Mostly, fake online stores disguise their emails in fear to be caught by the police.

·        Wrong Phone Number

The phone number which this website has provided in its contact us page is: (847) 372-1255. If you call at this number after placing the order, you will receive no reply. We have tried many times to call this number but it did not answer even any single call of ours.


After visiting and finding its reality by different ways, we can confidently say this online shopping site is just a scam. You will find nothing or very low quality product after placing the order. In that case, you cannot claim this website to be a scam and police cannot arrest it easily because it has hidden all the necessary information through which you can reach that place. So we recommend you not to buy any single thing from this store. It is a scam.

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