Bigdu Reviews – is this Website scam or safe site?

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Bigdu Reviews – are you hesitating to buy any kind of household item from Bigdu shopping store?

Why should you not buy anything through it? Here is a complete review of Bigdu site!

If you want to know the reality of the household items being sold at Bigdu, this article will help you out in this regard. As a matter of fact, numerous scammers have been spread over the universe these days. Millions of innocent people are being cheated by them at a large scale. If you want stay safe from all kinds of scammers, read on this article!

Brief introduction to Bigdu site

Bigdu is an ecommerce household items selling store where you can find a huge stock of various kinds of household items including: leather tissue box holder, easy carry baby wipes, wet wipes bag, portable wet wipes box, portable paper napkin box, plastic baby travel storage holder etc.

Apparently this website is selling various kinds of baby wipe holders and napkin boxes.

Now what is the reality behind these boxes? Must read the following!

Registration Date Information

The information about the registration date of any website must be got in your knowledge to judge the legitimacy of any website. Most trustworthy websites are always registered at least five or six years ago. If you want to see when Bigdu site was registered, simply go to and place Bigdu.Site there. You will come into know that Bigdu is just one month old shopping website. Such young website should not be trustworthy.

Fake Contact Number

The telephone number provided at the contact page of Bigdu site seems the fake contact number. This phone number is not working yet. If you call at this number, you will find it offline. It seems Bigdu site has provided the wrong phone number at the contact us page to dodge the people.

Payment Method Information

Bigdu site has just provided the PayPal facility to its customers. If is informed you that most drop shipers use just the PayPal mode to collect the money and most of them are scammers. You should be aware of all Bigdu site keeping in view this point. Bigdu shopping store is at a high risk to be scam.

Misleading Category

The category mentioned at the top of Bigdu site is a household items category. After casting a glance at this category, we think that this website must sell all kind of stuff which is the need of any home. But, in fact, there is nothing like that. There is just a stock of various kinds of baby napkin boxes and the wet wipe holders available there. This makes this website a dodgy and misleading shopping store.


Bigdu shopping store is the newly created store which has got the fame at a very small time span. But, the possibility of being Bigdu site a fake online store still exists. We have put all the facts and figures of Bigdu site in front of you. Now the last Verdict is yours. We suggest you not to purchase any kind of stuff through Bigdu because it has provided a lot of misleading information at its website.

Be aware of such websites!

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