Blaux Portable AC – The Best Portable Air Conditioners for Staying Cool this Summer

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Are you going to buy Blaux Portable AC?

 Do you know what the purpose of this AC is?  Read the reviews!

If you want to get all the necessary information about Blaux Portable AC, you have come to the right site. We will tell you all the pros and cons of this AC.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux AC is works as a personal AC for you. It comes in a small size and you can carry it from one place to the other. It is also known as three-in-one piece which is a cordless air cooler, humidifier and contains a fan. It provides you a full package to keep you cool, lessen your electricity bills and lightens your mood.

Pros of Blaux Portable AC

There are many benefits for having a Blaux AC. Some of the key benefits are discussed as follows:

·        Contains Rechargeable Battery

It is a cordless AC. You do not need a socket and a plug. It runs at the battery. So it prevents you from heavy electricity bills. The battery which is used in this AC is type-C. So you can charge it whenever you want. Moreover, the running time of its battery makes it unique among other air coolers. Its charging can run at least one day without getting stopped. Moreover, its cooling time is also very fast. It starts cooling the air in just 30 seconds.

·        Charging Indicator

One of the best features of any electric product is their charging indicators. You may feel it a small thing. But, without a charging status you cannot measure when will be your battery charged. So Blaux Portable AC uses an LED ring which indicates the status of the charging of your battery.

·        Humidifier

This Blaux AC also works as a humidifier which means it will add moisture to the air to make the air cool.

·        Portable

It is a portable AC. You can carry it from one place to other easily. You can use it while cooking in the kitchen. You can take it to your drawing room. You can carry it with you while going to the office. It is an extremely lightweight AC and contains handles by which you can hold it easily.

·        Contains a Fan

Blaux Portable AC contains also contains a fan which will make you feel cooler than ever before. This fan has three speed settings: slow, medium and high. You can choose any option from them whichever you want.

·        Low Noise

Blaux Portable AC does not generate a sharp noise as many other air coolers do. Its noise capacity is up to 40dB. It means it will not get you a headache. You can do your work at office while using it. It will also not disturb you while sleeping.

·        Air Purifier

Blaux Portable AC has also the ability to filter the air. It comes with air filters which protect us from various dangerous germs, viruses, allergens and dust particles. In this way it takes care of our health and we can breathe in a healthy air.

·        Easy Cleaning

Blaux AC can be cleaned very easily. Its holes are big enough to be cleaned by a cloth or duster. You do not need to hire any person for the cleaning person. So it saves your money too.

·        Mood lightener

As Blaux AC is portable and can be used by one person, lightens also lightens your mood because sometimes people just want to be alone and at that loneliness Blaux Portable AC provides them a cool feeling. Consequently, their moods get changed.

Cons of Blaux Portable AC

  • It may seem pretty much expensive for some people
  • It is available only on the online shopping store
  • It is just used for the one person at one time.

Where to Buy?

You can only buy this Blaux Portable AC by visiting its official website. There, you can also see different packages and discounts available for you. So just go to its website and click the order now button to purchase this AC. It comes in a very reasonable price. So do not waste your time in thinking because the stock is limited.


In this article, we have given you all the pros and cons of Blaux Portable AC and some other important information. But, it is still up to you to decide whether you should purchase this AC or not. In our point of view, it is the best fighter against the warmth. It will give you a cool and moisture air in a very reasonable price. So you should purchase Blaux Portable AC as soon as possible.

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