Breezysale Com Reviews – Legit or Hoax

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Are you searching for the reality behind Breezysale Com?

If you are the one who has a suspicion about the legitimacy of Breezysale Com shopping store, you have come to the right site. Here, we will tell you everything about this e-commerce website. It is the reality that no one wants to go out for shopping these days. Everyone prefers to buy ones required excellent online.

But, you do not know which shopping store is legit and which is fake.

This article will provide you with a handy guide to judge the reality of Breezysale Com.

What is Breezysale Com?

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Breezysale Com is an online shopping website which contains a huge stock of various products which we use in our daily life. It claims to sell products like whitening cream, screen protector, magnetic charger, car doorsteps and much more. All of its products are available at a very reasonable price. Breezysale Com offers a lot of discount packages to its customers.

But, is Breezysale Com might be the scam website.

By following points, you may be able to decide whether Breezysale Com is legit or fake:

Age of Breezysale Com

Firstly, check the age of Breezysale Com. for that, go to whois website and search this shopping website there. You will find the registration date of Breezysale Com there. Breezysale shopping store was registered for around three months old.

How can three months be enough to trust any shopping website? It is an awful sign for the legitimacy of Breezysale Com. So, it might be a scam website.

Email Address Information

 You may know that the email address of any website is an easy way to contact it. For that reason, see the email address of Breezysale Com. you will find that this website has provided a Gmail account to its viewer. Gmail account is not a professional email address because most legit sites always use their Company name as their domain.

So, Breezysale Com might be the scam.

Fake Office Address

If you visit the Contact Us page of Breezysale Com, you will find an office address there. But, there is no reality in this address. Check the legitimacy of this office address by searching it on Google. You will find that there is no office at this address. Why has Breezysale Com shared a random office address? It might be the scam.

Wrong Phone Number

 Breezysale Com has also provided a phone number in the Contact Us page of it. But, it is not the real contact number of “Breezysale” Company. We made a lot of calls at this number, but no one answered even the single request of ours. It is absolutely a random phone number which Breezysale Com has provided to its viewers.

So, Breezysale Com has a high risk to be a scam.

No Social Media Presence                                            

For your kind information, Breezysale Com is not present at any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Moreover, there is no YouTube channel available which can prove the reality of Breezysale Com. so, Breezysale Com might not be a legit shopping store. Think wisely!


Breezysale Com has provided a lot of information about it which is extraordinarily dodgy and misleading. There is no reality in the contact information of Breezysale Com. such shopping stores get money from you for the original product, and you receive a fake or low-quality product. So, we do not recommend it to purchase something through Breezysale Com.

Best of luck!


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