Buntcodes Reviews! Is Buntcodes Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard of buntcodes gift cards?

Is buntcodes.com shopping website legit? Read the reviews!

If you are also the one who is searching for the reality behind buntcodes gift cards, you have come to the right site. Here, we will tell you all the secrets to judge the reality of any online shopping store in a couple of minutes.

What is buntcodes.com?

Buntcodes.com is an online shopping website where you can find a huge stock of gift cards of various other online shopping stores including: Amazon gift cards, apple gift cards, Google play gift cards, Netflix gift cards, and playstation gift cards, spotify gift cards, steam gift cards and Xbox gift cards. Buntcodes.com claims to sell these gift cards having different values which work to buy something through the specific online shopping store at discount.

But, are these gift cards legit? Read on this article!

Age of the Website

As you may know that the age of the website tells us whether the specific website is trustworthy or not, let’s know the age of buntcodes.com website. If you want to know at which date the buntcodes.com website is created, simply go to the whois.com and paste the web address there. You will find that buntcodes online shopping store is just five months old store.

Five months time span is a very short time span to say the specific website genuine. So buntcodes.com might be the scam.

Free Gift Cards for Everyone

Buntcodes.com is the online shopping website where you find all the gift cards free of cost. Yes! You have heard the right thing. All the gift cards sold at buntcodes.com shopping store are free of cost whether it is an Amazon gift card or it is a spotify gift card. You will have not to pay even the single penny for it.


But wait!

Usually the scammers claim to give such kind of offers but actually they do not deliver anything to its customers. It is also quite possible that buntcodes.com shopping website might give you the expired gift card code. Must think about it!

No Social Media Presence

In this twentieth century, getting publicity through social media has become one of the favorite and the easiest way for the genuine online shopping stores. Now you will be shocked to know that buntcodes.com which claims to such super gift cards does not have any social media icon provided any of its web page.

Why did buntcodes.com online shopping website not show its presence at any kind of social media presence?

Has it the fear to be caught by the cyber officer? Must think before shopping!

Hidden Email Address

If you visit whois.com and place buntcodes.com at its whois search, you will find that buntcodes.com has not provided its real email address in whois database. Instead, it has used a whoisguard privacy to keep its real email address secret. What is the need of not sharing the real email address?

 Why buntcodes.com not want to contact to the users through its real email address? It is a highly suspicious point which you must think about.

No Office Address

There is no office address information at buntcodes.com shopping website. How can you get the right person in case of any fraud? Mostly scammers are using such trick to remain hidden from the eye of cyber officers.

The office address is the key to reach that Company and genuine websites always use their office address to give the proof of their legitimacy. But, in case of buntcodes.com, there is nothing like that. So must think wisely about this online shopping store.

No Contact Number

Buntcodes.com has not provided its contact number to the viewers. How will you contact this store in case of any query? Buntcodes store has not given any facility to its customers by which they can stay connected to the website throughout their time of purchasing.

There is a suspicion in this point. Why did this website not allow the people to contact it through any telephone number or other cell number? Think about it wisely!

No Contact Us Page

There is no contact us page in the buntcodes.com shopping website. It means buntcodes does not want to share any kind of information by which you can contact the owner of this online shopping store. Does it not seem dodgy? Contact us page use to be the glory of any online shopping website.

 But, in case of buntcodes.com, you do not see such page. Does it want to hide itself in the fear to be caught by the police? It might be a scam online store. Must think about it!

Customers’ Reviews

The overall customer reviews about this buntcodes.com online shopping website are very bad.

However, some positive reviews can also be found at its official website.

Scammers can also add the fake positive reviews coming from the fake customers to get the publicity and to dodge the innocent people easily. So buntcodes.com shopping website might also be created by such scammers. Must think about it before taking any decision!

Delivery and Returns

It is the fact that the gift you order through buntcodes.com shopping website will be delivered to you instantly. You need not to wait for it even for a minute. The gift card code will be sent to you via email.

Seems pretty good!

Buntcodes.com also claims that if the gift card code delivered by this website does not work you can claim to exchange it. Your card code will also be replaced immediately. This is the only fact by which we can say buntcodes online shopping store might not be the scam and it might be safe to shop through buntcodes.com website.

Bottom Line

We have scrutinize buntcodes online shopping store deeply by visiting buntcodes.com website and by using many other sources and now we have come to this clear point that the chances of buntcodes.com shopping website having scam are just 40 percent. Usually such websites give the discount offers and other gifts to increase the viewers’ traffic.

So there seems nothing dangerous for you to shop through buntcodes.com. However, the last verdict is yours. We suggest you to think before taking any action in this cyber crime world.

Best of luck!

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