Burnvip Reviews! Is Burnvip Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard about burnvip online shopping center?

Is it a scam?

Must read this article!

If you want to know whether burnvip.com shopping website is legit of scam, you have come to the right site. Here you will learn such smart tricks by which you will be able to judge the legitimacy of any website in a couple of minutes.

What is burnvip.com?

burnvip.com is an online shopping website where you can find a huge stock of home cleaning products. This online store can also be called a Lysol store which sells all-purpose cleaners like multi-surface cleaners, bathroom cleaners, cleaning wipes, disinfectant sprays and various kinds of laundry sanitizers.

After visiting burnvip.com website, you will definitely dig its products and will instantly be ready to purchase something through it. But, does this online shopping website really work to deliver your order?

We are going to reveal the truth behind burnvip.com by the using the following tricks:

Age of the Website

The first and foremost thing to get an idea about the legitimacy of any website is its age.

Most of us may already know that the comparatively older websites with no bad costumer review is always safe to be trusted. But, the scammers always keep creating new websites to deceive the innocent people.

To know the age of any website, just go to whois.com and place the web address of that specific website there. It will tell you the registration date of that website. now you will be surprised to hear that burnvip.com which has such a huge stock is just two months old website. two months are not enough to be trusted because there is no review of costumers about this website in such short time. so think wisely!

Hidden Email Address

Whois.com tells that burnvip.com has not shown its real email address. Instead, it has hidden it in the guise of a whois privacy.

What will be the reason behind the need of burnvip.com website to hide its real email address?

Has it a fear to be arrested? Think about it!

Cheap Products

Though burnvip.com claims to sell a unique and brilliant stock of Lysol products, the price of all the products are very low. For example, a laundry sanitizer is being sold at this website in just $7.17 whereas amazon.com claims to sell the laundry sanitizers in minimum seventeen dollars. So why is burnvip.com selling such cheap products? Does it not want to get profit? Usually scammers use this trick to attract the people. keep in mind!

No Return Address

burnvip.com has no return address in its contact us page. that means you cannot reach the owner in case of any fraud. It is really a suspicious thing. Genuine online stores have no issue to share their office address with the viewers. So burnvip.com might be a scam.

No Social Media Presence

burnvip.com is not present at any kind of social media platform. Does it not want to get publicity? Usually fake people avoid social media in a fear to be arrested by the cyber officer. Must think about it!

Fake Images

All the images used at burnvip.com website are fake website. it means these are not the products made by burnvip Company. If you copy any image of its products and paste at Google images, you will find that all these images have been taken through another website having the web address Lysol.com.

Now it is definitely a scam website.

Bottom Line

After discussing all the points to judge the reality of burnvip.com shopping site, we have come to the conclusion that this website is absolutely created to lure you. so be aware of all such websites

Best of luck!

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