Cango Store Reviews! Is this Website Scam or Legit?

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Do you want to know about the truth of Read this reviews

Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

Are you interested to buy through Take a deep breath! We will tell you everything about this website which will be proved helpful to you to get the right decision. In this COVID-19 outbreak, hundreds of fake online stores lure the people. If you do not want to be one of them, read this article thoroughly.

What is is an online shopping website which sells various kinds of water pool sets including metal frame pool set and prism frame pool set. These sets also come in different sizes and shapes. After seeing its catalog there seems nothing wrong with this website.

Are you going to buy through

if you are going to buy anything from this website after seeing just its catalog, you will be at high risk to be looted. If you are a wise person, you should search everything about before purchasing anything from it.

Fixed Price sells all pool sets at the same price. One set costs $119.99 only which is also a reasonable price for this product. So there seems nothing wrong with its price which may suspect us.

No Social Media Presence has no facebook page or twitter account. We cannot contact it except its email address. Usually genuine websites always have their social media accounts for the marketing purposes whereas fake people need to hide its identity in front of the society. so it makes this website suspicious.

No Return Address

This website does not show any address of its residence. How will you return your order in case of any complaint. It is a big point to prove this website fake.

Age of the Website is a newly created website. If you place this web address at, you will find that it was registered at 2020-05-20 which means it is just one month old website. New websites are very hard to be trusted. So you should also think about it before placing any order.

Other Hidden Identity

After seeing all the information about this website at, we can say it has hidden all the necessary information about its website. However, we will discuss all the points with you in the following:

·        Name

It has not revealed the name of the creator. It does so because it knows that if it reveals anything like that, the chances of its arrestment will increase.

·        Organization Name

It has not given its organization name. who organized this company and what is the purpose of this company? We do not know anything about it.

·        No Technical Information has no technical information. It means it does not sell anything genuine. it does not know even the abc of technology. If it knows anything about technology, it will write the wrong technical information of its website. But, it seems it knows nothing

Last Lines

After gathering all the information about, we have concluded that it is just a scam to loot the people and nothing else. You should be aware of all these kinds of websites. But, if you have been lured by on any fake website, you should inform the police about it. In this way, you will pay your duty as a responsible citizen.

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