Cleanliq Com Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert!

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Cleanliq Com Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert!  Do you want to buy Lysol products at a reasonable price?

If yes, cleanliq shopping store might help you out in this regard. But, is this store legit? It is informed you that cleanliq com shopping website is not that older. Also, there is a lot of misleading information recorded on this website. 

What is cleanliq?

Cleanliq com is an eCommerce website where you can find a massive stock of various kinds of Lysol products like disinfecting wipes, disinfectant sprays, power toilet bowl cleaner, lime and rust remover, click gel automatic toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant and antibacterial sprays etc. The main categories of cleanliq include disinfectant spray, bathroom cleaners, cleaning wipes, cleaning wipes, all-purpose cleaners and laundry sanitizers. Cleanliq claims to sell the Lysol products, which can disinfect hard surface quickly. These products leave a pleasant fragrance in the air. 

The following points will be helpful for you to decide whether you should purchase any Lysol product through cleanliq com or not:

Age of Cleanliq

You might be shocked after hearing that cleanliq is just seventeen days old website. How can such a new site be so easy to trust? Usually, the scammers use new websites to cheat the people. After getting money from innocent people, they move to the next site. So cleanliq might be the fake one.

No Email Address

Cleanliq has not provided its email address at its site. How can you contact the Company in case of any fault in the product purchased by you? Usually, the scammers do not show their email address on their websites because they have a fear to be caught by the police. So Cleanliq com might also be the scam.

No Contact Number

There is no contact number information available on Cleanliq com site. How can you contact the representatives of Cleanliq shopping store in case of any question about the products? Phone number plays a pivotal role to access any person. Scammers always keep this thing in mind. They never provide their phone number on their websites.

No Office Address

There is no office address information of Cleanliq at its contact us page. It means you cannot return your order after purchasing it. Also, most scammers do not provide any return information on their sites to stay away from cyber officers. It makes Cleanliq com site a highly suspicious website. 

No Social Media Icon

Cleanliq has not used any social media platform to get the publicity of this site. Scammers always avoid coming in front of the world in the fear to be caught by the cyber officer. The social media platform has become the top-notch priority of any website to get fame quickly. But, in the case of cleanliq, there is nothing like that. So it might be a scam site.


There is complete information about cleanliq com site here. After reading this article, you may be able to decide whether you should buy any Lysol product through cleanliq com or not. We suggest you not to purchase any product through this online website because there is a bunch of information which seems fake on this site.

Be aware of scammers!

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