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Copper wear mask – According to Air Quality Index (AQI), Delhi city of India, Johannesburg city of South Africa and Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are at the top of the rank because they are the highly polluted cities of the world. Most of us have definitely read about air pollution. So, what is air pollution? Air pollution is one of the most dangerous kinds of pollution. It is said to be a silent killer. You cannot imagine in which air you breathe is full of poisonous and life-threatening foes. Most of these air pollutants cannot be seen by naked eye. These invisible but dangerous pollutants include ozone (O3), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), lead, particulate matter, methane and chlorofluorocarbons. These all particles are very tiny and cannot by seen. Any of these particles can enter your lungs through your nose or mouth and make you breathless. You feel difficulty in breathing which may give you a tough time for your life. We must take serious actions to save our lives. But, the thing is, how can we stay secured from air pollution? Air pollution cannot be obliterated easily. So, following precautionary measures is the best way for your safety against air pollution. An easy precautionary measure is the use of face mask.

What is Copper wear mask?

Copper wear mask is a fiber mask and copper wires are woven into this fabric. You may know that copper provides us protection against various harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Science also supports the use of copper for the protection of numerous germs. Research shows that deaths to cholera are far more among the people who do not have any experience of copper in their lives than the people who work with copper. Copper has also an effect of anti-microbial. So having copper in this mask is good for your safety.

 Copper wear mask is made of four layers which are as follows:

  1. Cotton layer infused with copper ions
  2. Filtration layer
  3. Cotton filter lining
  4. Copper KN99 fabric layer

 All of these four layers are especially designed to filter harmful and dangerous air for your safe breathing. Also, copper will fight against numerous invisible germs in the air.

Key features of Copper wear mask

Nobody can deny the benefits of Copper wear mask in the year 2020. However, some of the key features are discussed below:

·        Color of Copper wear mask

Copper wear mask always comes in a black color. You may have seen a lot of masks in white and light-blue color. But, black color is the sign of energy. If you wear black, you will feel yourself more energetic. Copper wear mask will allow you feel stronger than others.

·        Breathable

The cotton which is used in this mask is made of a very soft fiber which is very comfortable to breathe. Its fiber is skin-friendly. You can easily talk and laugh under this mask. It will neither harm your skin nor will restrict you to remain silent.

·        Double-Layer Protection

Copper wear mask has a double fabric layer to help you stay away from 99% life-hazarding air particles. It will provide you an extreme protection against dust, smoke, soot, numerous poisonous gas and harmful aerosols.

·        Helps Block Coughs and Sneezes

Copper wear mask prevents passing of germs. If you cough or sneeze under Copper wear mask, the dangerous germs will not pollute the air which surrounds you. In this way, you can also become a responsible person. If you put on Copper wear mask, you can help fight against air pollution and everyone will be safe by you which is another good point of Copper wear mask.

·        Best Fit

Copper wear mask is designed in such a way that it covers most of your face area easily. This mask may fit any face whether it is small or big. It provides enough room for breathing.

·        Lightweight

Copper wear mask is a very lightweight product. You just need to put this mask on your face and it will become invisible because it carries no weight. You can keep it in your bag. Your pocket will also be helpful to carry Copper wear mask. It will not irritate you.

·        Reusable

Copper wear mask can be used day by day. You will get rid of the disposable mask which has become a limited commodity these days because it proves a strain on your pocket to purchase it at daily basis. It is not a disposable product. You will have to purchase it once and it will remain with you for months. So it will help you save your money as well as improve your health.

·        Washable

Copper wear mask can be washed after use.

  1. Take distilled or boiled water for washing
  2. Soak Copper wear mask in it for just 5 minutes
  3. Gently rub the mask. Avoid harsh rubbing.
  4. Hang it  to dry

Note: Never use any washing liquid, detergent or bleach. It may spoil the quality of mask.

How to Use Copper wear mask (step-by-step guidelines)

  1. Hold mask against your face perfectly so that it’s covering your nose and mouth
  2. Put straps over your ears. Copper wear mask has flexible straps for your ease.
  3. Go to wherever you want. Now it will not bother you
  4. Remove the mask at the end of the day
  5. Wash it before use for next time.

Where to Buy Copper wear mask?

You can buy Copper wear mask from our official website online. Just stay at home in this outbreak of COVID-19 ( Coronavirus Disease 2019) and use the website to order it now. You just need to purchase one mask and the other mask will be free of cost for you. Its price is $29.99 only. You are required to pay its shipping cost separately. So do not waste time and place the order as soon as possible.

Reviews about Copper wear mask

Copper wear mask is one of the top-rated masks of the year 2020. It helps improve your respiration as well as your mood. Huge amount of Copper wear masks has been sold all over the world. People are giving positive feedback after using it. They felt satisfaction in their comments. Few complaints have also been recording in this regard but most of the people are happy to have Copper wear mask. It has no side effect because all the material used to make mask is natural.

Bottom Line

Copper wear mask is a scientifically proven mask. Its copper wires make it a unique mask of the world. If you buy this product immediately, you will be the lucky one. You can use it again and again after wash for more than one year. In this article, you are provided all the necessary information about Copper wear mask. However, the last verdict is yours. If you are willing to buy Copper wear mask, go to our official website and place the order immediately. It also comes in various discount packages.

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