Cozyball Reviews! Is Cozyball Website Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard about cozyball online store?

Is it scam? Read this article!

Today we are living in a society where any tactful person can swindle your money easily by using their computers. Yes, we are talking about the cyber crime. The thing is how can we become wise to judge the reality of any online shopping website?

Now it is not impossible. Here you can learn some smart tricks to know whether the specific website is legit or scam.

What is is an online shopping website where you can find various cozyballs of different colors for your comfort. These balls are also called cloudy comforts. This website claims to sell world’s most comfortable and luxurious cozyballs. You can also feel this stock comfortable after visiting its official website.

But, does this website really work? Read on this article!

Highly-Expensive stock claims to sell the most glamorous and luxurious cozyballs which have very high price. For example, sells its comfort bean bag in $149.90 whereas Amazon claims to sell the same product in just $78.38 which is far lower than It might loot your money for the low quality products. It might be a fraud!

Age of the Website

As you may know that the age of any website tells a lot of things about it. For example, if a website is five years old and no viewer has raised the question at its reality, it must be a genuine website. But, is just nine days old website. So it might be a scam.

Hidden Email Address

The real email address of is also hidden. If you place at, you will see that this website has used contactprivacy in the place of its real email address. It is really a very bad manner which scammers always follow to remain in disguise.

Fake Social Media Icons has used fake social media icons at the bottom of its home page. If you click any icon from the twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube and instagram, you will find some other online stores instead of

No Contact Us Page

You may know that contact us page always deemed to be necessary in an e-commerce website.  If there is no contact us page in a specific online shopping website, it will be trying to hide its identity in fear to be caught by the police.

Now you will be shocked to hear that which claims to have a unique stock does not have any contact us page in its website.

It means this website does not have any office address, phone number, email address and nothing else which can prove the existence of

So you should think about it wisely!

Bottom Line

We have delivered you all the necessary information of Now you will definitely be able to judge the reality of any website including

All we suggest is this website is a scam website. You should be aware of it.

Best of luck!

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