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Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

You can see different scandals of scam online shopping sites these days. Has cheating someone become a very easy task? Can we stop getting swindled by the scammers? Absolutely yes! In this article, we will share some smart tricks and website hacks to judge the reality of certain websites. So read this article thoroughly.

What is is an online shopping store which is selling different kinds of women bags including backpacks, handbags, and wallet card cases etc. you can also find a huge collection of jewelry in this website.  So, mainly, this online store is just made to meet the fashion requirements of women. But, is this information enough for you to shop through this website? You should gather all the necessary knowledge about any online shopping center before putting your credit card in it. In this article, you will be told all the secret things of

·        Age of Website

Now we are telling you the secret thing to judge whether a website is trustworthy or not. That thing is its age. If a website is running for 2 years, you can trust this website easily. But, if the website is less than 6 months old, it is hard to trust this kind of website because fraudsters always use newly created websites to swindle the people.

So if you want to know the age of, just put this website at You will find its registered date which is like this: means this website is just four months old. Four months is not the huge time to rely on this website. So it may be a fake website.

·        Fake Social Media Icons

The social media icons including pinterest, facebook and instagram are also being shown at the top of the website. But, these are just eye-wash. Actually, there is no social media platform of this website. If you click any of these icons, you will find nothing which can show the presence of this website. It must be a scam.

·        Hidden Email Address has not shown its real email address at It is kept in privacy in the guise of As you have already informed about in my previous article, it is a website is used by various scammers to hide their email address. Why did hide its email? This point demands your high attention.

·        Fake Office Address

The office address which is given in its contact us page is also fake. If you search the address which is: 308 W Oak St, Kent, Ohio 44240 United States, you will find nothing but a house which shown below.


So how can it possible that such a huge company has no special office? It is absolutely a fake office address to dodge the people.

·        Sells Irrelevent Things

During gathering information about this website, we saw a lot of agents at social media are using the link of this website to sell irrelevent things like kayaks, bikes, etc at very low price. If this website is just made to sell the products related to women fashion, why is it selling all these cheap irrelevent things? Is it not the sign of a scam website? Think about it.

·        No Reviews of People

There are no reviews of people at any product of It means no one has purchased any item yet. So how can you trust this website first? Probably it did not drop the parcels of the costumers after getting money from them. Keep this point in mind.


We have told you all the information about After making a lot of searches at this website, we can definitely say this is a scam website which is made to lure you. You should be aware of this website. Do not purchase anything from this online store. It may also hack the bank account details of yours.

Best of luck!

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