Cupvsad Reviews! Is Cupvsad Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard of Cupvsad online shopping site?

Is it scam? Must read the reviews!

If you are also the one who do not know much about but want to buy a desk through this online website, you have come to the right site!

Today we are living in the society where we cannot shop safely. There are millions of scammers springing up every day. Such scammers have just one attention to loot the innocent people. By using the information technology, fraud people can easily deceive people.

But, the question is, how can an ordinary person stay safe from all kinds of scam online shopping websites?

Here are some tricks to judge the reality of any shopping website in minutes. So read on this article!

What is Cupvsad Com? is an online shopping website where you can find a huge variety of desks including: commercial grade desks, computer desks, corner desks and L-shaped desks. However, this online store is also selling some desk components and hutches. So apparently this online shopping store is related to the desk items.

But, you should be aware of all kinds of online shopping stores before getting much information about them. may be a scam shopping website. To know the reality behind this shopping store, read on this article!

Specifications of Cupvsad Com

  1. Web address:
  2. Stock: Desks
  3. Email address: [email protected]
  4. Office address: 13128 C PLZ ,OMAHA,Nebraska,68144
  5. Payment method: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards
  6. Phone number: +12564672550
  7. Registration date: 2020-06-17

Age of the Website

The age of the website is very important to know the reality of any website. For example, if a website is three years old with no bad comment coming from its customers, it must be a legit shopping website. But, in case of, there seems nothing like that. If you want to know the age of, you will have to visit website. will tell you that is not more than one month old shopping website. One month is not the enough time to judge the reality of any online shopping website. has a high suspicion to be scam. Must think about it!

Email Address Information

The email address provided at the contact page of shopping website does not seem official. It is a hotmail address. Usually the scammers use hotmail accounts to cheat the people. Hotmail scarcely be the email address of a genuine shopping website. It also gets us think about its reality.  Be aware of it before getting much knowledge about its reality.

Cheap Desks shopping website is selling different kinds of desks at a very low price. It is far lower than its original price mentioned at Amazon and aliexpress. Why shopping website is selling the products at such low rate? Does it not want to get advantage? Usually the scammers offer such cheap products to swindle the people. So might also be scam. Must think about it!

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number mentioned at the contact page of is not the real phone number of shopping website. We have called a hundred times at this number but no one has answered any single call of ours. It must be a fake phone number. How can a genuine website provide a fake phone number? Think about it!

No Social Media Presence

It is informed you that which is selling such a huge variety of desks has no social media appearance. In this twentieth century getting publicity through has become one of the most favorite ways of genuine websites to get publicity easily.

But, in case of, there is nothing like that. has no social media icon provided at its contact page. It seems this shopping website wants to be hidden from the eye of cyber officer. It might be the scam. Must think about it!

Fake Office Address

The office address mentioned at the contact page of is not the real office address of this shopping website. If you want to get the proof, just copy this office address and paste it at Google maps. You will find that nothing related to Cupvsad shopping store exists at this office address.

It is absolutely a fake office address. Usually scammers provide the fake office address to dodge the innocent people. Must think about this point deeply!

Pros of Cupvsad Com

  1. A huge variety of desks is available
  2. The whole stock is available at a very low price
  3. Shipping and return facility is available

Cons of Cupvsad Com

  1. The site is highly suspicious and dodgy
  2. Deliver time can take 10-22 days

Bottom Line

We have tried our best to know the reality behind online shopping website. Now we have come to this clear conclusion that this website is absolutely a scam online shopping site. Such websites have the only purpose to loot the money of innocent people.

Millions of innocent people fall a prey to such scams every day. We suggest you not to purchase anything through shopping store. You might lose your money in case of purchasing any desk through it.

Best of luck!

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