Cvaluely Reviews! Is Cvaluely Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard of cvaluely online shopping store?

Is it scam? Read the reviews!

If you are the one who is searching for the knowledge to know whether shopping website is scam or not, this article will provide you a handy guide in this regard. We do not know which website is legit or which is not in this twentieth century. Various scammers are springing up every day to lure the money of innocent people which are far beyond the knowledge about information technology. In this regard, we are sharing with you some super tricks to know the reality of any online shopping website in minutes.

If you want to get help to know the reality behind, go through this article!

What is Cvaluely Com? is an online shopping site where you can find the various categories related to women fashion accessories including: women anklets, baseball caps, trucker caps, bracelets, glasses, headbands and turbans. After watching these categories, the one thing is sure that Cvaluely Com online shopping store is the website created for women.

Now what comes in your mind after keeping in view all these categories of You must be struck to any one accessory to buy through But, is really legit? Read on this article!

Specifications of Cvaluely Com

The specifications of o are as follows:

  1. Web address:
  2. Stock: women fashion accessories
  3. Email address: [email protected]
  4. Office address: 30 Fuller st. Apt. 202,Brookline,Massachusetts,2446
  5. Payment method: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards
  6. Phone number: +18183373525
  7. Registration date: 2020-06-17

Is Cvaluely Com Scam?

Are you going to buy something through Be aware!

It might be the scam online shopping store and it is also quite possible that it will loot your money and will not deliver your order. The possibility of delivering you the low quality product also exists. So you should search enough to judge whether is scam or not before shopping through it.

In this article, we will tell you all the tricks by which you will be able to judge the reality of any online shopping website like in seconds. So read this article thoroughly!

Age of the Website

You may already know that to know the reality of any website, the first thing which comes in our mind is what the age of that specific website is because more than one year old website is always trustworthy. On the other hand, scammers always use the newly-created website to lure the innocent people.

If you want to see the registration date of, just go to and place this web address there. You will find that is no more than one month old. One month is not the enough time to trust any website. So might be a scam. Must think about it!

Fake Categories

You will be shocked after hearing that which claims to sell women fashion accessories has no such stock. To know the reality yourself, just click any stock category of shopping website, you will find nothing to purchase there.

So shopping website is not in a running position yet. It might be a scam online store created by the fraud person. You must think about it before making any decision to shop through it.

Fake Office Address

The office address which has provided at its contact page is also a fake office address. In reality, there is no presence of any office at this office address. If you want to assure the reality of this office address, copy the address from the contact page of and paste it at Google maps. You will find that there is no office address and nothing else which we can relate to Cvaluely shopping store.

It is absolutely a fake office address. Mostly scammers provide a wrong office address at their websites to dodge the people. In this way, they also keep hidden from the police.

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number which shopping website has provided at its contact page does not relate to Cvaluely shopping store. We have called a lot at this number but no one answered even the single call of ours. This shopping site has provided a wrong phone number. What will be the reason behind providing a wrong phone number? Has it the fear to be caught by the police. Think about it wisely!

Social Media Presence

The shopping website has not appeared at any kind of social media platform. Today all kinds of websites prefer to appear at social media to get publicity. This is the best way of genuine websites to get fame. But, in case of, there is nothing like that.

It seems is hiding its reality in front of social media because it has the fear to be caught by the cyber officer. It might be a scam shopping website. Must think about it!

Stock Images

Usually the scammers provide the fake stock images to the viewers to dodge them. The case of is more severe than that. It has provided the category names but if you click any category, you will find nothing there. How can a genuine online shopping store not have any stock? It makes this website suspicious. You must think about it before shopping!

Pros of Cvaluely Com

  1. All categories of women fashion accessories are available here
  2. Free home delivery is available

Cons of Cvaluely Com

  1. The categories mention in have no stock
  2. The site is highly suspicious and misleading

Bottom Line

We have scrutinized deeply from various sources to know whether online shopping website is legit or not. Now we have come to the clear conclusion that this online shopping store is just a scam store and nothing else. Such online shopping sites are just created to lure the innocent people. We suggest you not to use such websites for shopping.

Best of luck!

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