Daysaled Reviews! Is Daysaled Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Do you want to know the reality behind Daysaled online shopping store?

Are you going to buy any frame pool set through Must read the article!

If you are the one who is attracted by the glamorous stock of shopping website, wait! You may be scammed by someone. How can you trust the website for shopping just after watching its appearance and stock images? Usually the scammers have a huge stock of attractive product images but in reality they have no such stock.

So you must gather enough knowledge to know whether shopping website is legit or not before shopping anything through it. This article will provide you a handy guide.

What is Daysaled Com? is an online shopping website where you can find a huge stock of above ground pools like easy pool sets, floating recliner lounge, mini frame pool, metal frames, prism frames, ultra XTR frames and various kinds of boat sets like Seahawk 3 boat sets, kayaks, excursion boats and challenger boats etc.

However, this website is also selling some other kinds of products including: air furniture like beanless bag chair, ultra lounge, pull-out sofa, pull-out chair and corner sofa etc, airbeds including: dura-beam deluxe series, dura-beam plus series, dura-beam standard series, camping mat, queen classic downy airbed and Prem Aire etc.

But, is the whole stock really legit? Read on this article!

Specification of Daysaled Com

  1. Web address:
  2. Stock: water pool sets
  3. Email address: not available
  4. Office address: not available
  5. Payment method: PayPal
  6. Phone number: not available
  7. Registration date: 2020-03-25

Is Daysaled Com Legit?

If you are going to buy something through without getting enough information about it, the risks of losing your money and hacking your bank account data will be very high. We have got some tricks which work to the reality of any kind of shopping website in minutes. You must follow the tricks mentioned below to judge whether is legit or not.

Age of the Website

The first and foremost trick to judge the reality behind any website is to know how much old is this specific website. If a website is more than two years old with no bad review, it must be a genuine website. But, if you want to know the age of, just go to and paste this there. You will find the whole information about

You will also come to know that this website is just seven months old website. Seven months time is not the enough time to know the reality of any website. So online shopping website might be the scam.

No Email Address has not provided any email address to its viewers. Does it not want to contact the viewers? Usually scammers do this to remain hidden from the eye of cyber officer. But, in case of, it gets us smell a rat. Must think about it!

No Return Address

You will be shocked to that website which has such a huge stock to sell, has not provided any kind of return address. You will find no office address at its contact page.

It means you cannot return the order in case of any fault. Moreover, most scammers do this just to remain hidden from the eye of police. So might be a scam. Must think about it!

No Contact Number

If you visit the contact us page of shopping website, you will find no telephone or cell number information to contact to the Company. Why has it not provided any contact number information to its customers? Has it the fear to be arrested as the scammer?

This point makes shopping website the highly suspicious website. So must think about it carefully!

No Social Media Presence

There is no social media icon available at to assure the legitimacy of shopping website. Now-a-days social media platform has become the easiest way to get the publicity. But, it has not provided any kind of social media presence of this online shopping store.

It must be a scam website which has the only aim to lure the innocent people. You should think about it wisely before making any decision to buy through it.

Blank Contact Us Page

The contact us page of shopping website does not contain any information about the ways to contact the representatives of this shopping store. It has no return office address, no email address, no social media icon and nothing else by which we can access the website. It might be a scam. You must think about it before buying!

Cheap Products

The products being sold at shopping website have very low price. For example, if you get one above ground pool set through, it will cost you $50 only. But, if you purchase the same water pool set through, you will have to pay $379.99 for it. It is far more than

Why shopping website is selling such cheap products. It raises the question at the reality of Be careful!

Fake Stock Images

The stock images shared at shopping website are not the real stock images of this website. Mostly scammers always use this trick to attract the innocent people towards its stock. If you want to know the reality of these images, just pick one stock image of shopping website and paste it at Google images. You will find its real destination. Most of the images which claim to have are the stock images of another online shopping website having the web address If you watch the stock images of, you will find that intex is tagged at the water pool sets. It means the real destination of these stock images is intex online shopping store.

So why has shopping website used fake stock images? It makes this online shopping store a highly suspicious store. Must think about it!

Pros of Daysaled Com

  1. A huge stock of water pool sets is available here.
  2. Products are available at low price

Cons of Daysaled Com

  1. No shipping or return policy available
  2. Not a familiar shopping website

Bottom Line

After reviewing shopping website in detail, we have come to the conclusion that there is nothing legit in this website. There is a lot of necessary information which this website has not provided to its viewers.

If you purchase any water pool through it, you may lose your money. It is also quite possible that your bank account information may get hacked.

Best of luck!

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