Expreseu Reviews! Is Expreseu Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Do you know about Expreseu online store?

Are you hesitating to buy anything through Expreseu.com?

We have a handy guide for you to judge whether this website is legit or scam.

Who does not want to get anything at home in a very low price in this twentieth century? But, be aware of the scammers who always use numerous tricks to lure you.

If you are also the one who is interest to know the tricks to stay safe from any kind of scam websites, this article will provide you a handy guide.

What is Expreseu.com?

Expreseu.com is an online shopping website especially made for women. It sells various kinds of women shoes like suede fino sandal, lace sandal, suede slipper heel, and buckle sandal and lace boots. Moreover, this website is also selling crossbody bags which are available in just white color. Though the stock at this store is limited, all of its products look very glamorous.

After getting a bird’s eye of the whole stock of this website, we do not find anything scam in it.

But, is it real legit?

Read on this article!

Fake Social Media Icons

In this year 2020, using social media icons in the websites has become necessary for the publicity. Similarly, Expreseu.com has also used the social media icons like facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram but you will be shocked to hear that all these icons are fake icons.

If you click any social media icon at Expreseu.com website, you will find no presence of this online store there.  It a very common trick used by the scammers these days.

So it seems a little bit dodgy. Be aware of it!

Fake Office Address

If you visit the contact us page of Expreseu.com, you will find its office address which is: 6355 Green Valley Circle, Unit 211, Culver City, CA 90230 United States.

The reality of this office will reveal when will you place this address at Google maps and the reality is there is no such office at this address. It is absolutely a fake office address to dodge the people. Must think about it!

Age of the Website

As you may know that the age of the website tells a lot about the reality of the website. Old websites which have no blame throughout their journey are always trustworthy. On the other hand, scammers always create new websites to deceive the people easily.

After placing this web address at whois.com, you will find that Expreseu.com is just one month old website.

Such a young website has no costumer reviews. So it is difficult to be trusted. Think about it wisely!

Hidden Email Address

Usually the email address of any website is the key to reach the owner of that website. But, this website has not shown real email address to its viewers.

To know the reality, just go to whois.com and place Expreseu.com there. You will find that this website has hidden its email address in the guise of a whois privacy. It is really a very suspicious thing of this website.

You should keep this point in mind before shopping through Expreseu.com website.

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number provided in the contact us page of this website is also a fake phone number. We have tried a hundred times to contact by this phone number but they did not answer any call of ours. So it is absolutely a fake phone number. Usually scammers do this in the fear to be caught by police.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of my whole article is that there is nothing legit in this online shopping store. Such stores are just created to lure the people.

Best of luck!

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