Heisadragon Com Reviews – Legit or Hoax

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Heisadragon Com Reviews – Legit or Hoax! Are you searching for any tool for your profession?

Nowadays, your selection of tools reflects the efficiency of your work. The more useful are your tools, the more efficient your job will be. There are two different categories of tools: physical tools and intangible tools. Physical tools are those which we use in our daily routine like spoon, knife, pen and chair etc.

Intangible tools are those which we cannot touch, but they have made our lives easy. Mobile applications, internships and various plans of people in business etc. are some examples of such kind of tools.

This article will help you out whether you should purchase something through Heisadragon Com or not.

What is Heisadragon Com?

Heisadragon Com is an e-commerce website where you can find various kinds of tools related to different professions like hobby, sport, game, cooking and gardening etc. this shopping store contains tools like unicorn necklace, puzzle building cubes, hammock, nail clipper, turbo cleaning gun and much more.

Heisadragon Com is a US-based shopping website and claims to sell its products at reasonable prices. People from all over the globe can purchase its products online. But, it would be best if you did not buy anything through Heisadragon Com immediately. Instead, gather plenty of information about Heisadragon Com before shopping through it.

The following points contain useful information about Heisadragon Com, which may help you out in judging the reality behind it:

Age of Heisadragon Com

The first step to confirm the legitimacy of Heisadragon Com is to know its age. For that, whois website is one of the best platforms. Here, you will find that Heisadragon Com is less than two months old. Less than two months are not enough time to say any website legit. So, Heisadragon Com is a highly suspicious website.

Email Address Information

The email address which Heisadragon Com has provided in the Contact Us page of Heisadragon Com is a professional email. If you look carefully, you will find its brand name “Heisadragon” in this email address. You should know that all legit websites always provide such professional email addresses in their Contact Us pages.

So, Heisadragon Com might not be the scam.

Fake Office Address

 The office address which Heisadragon Com has provided in its Contact Us page also seems fake. If you search this office address on Google, you will find no physical appearance of any office or shop which you can relate to this shopping website. So, might be the scam website.

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number of Heisadragon Com is not working. To get proof, call at the given number of Heisadragon. You will find no one to receive your call. It is a random phone number. Most scammers always do this. So, you should be aware of such scams.

No Social Media Presence

Social media has become one of the top priorities of any shopping store to get fame immediately. If you visit Heisadragon Com in detail, you will find no social media icon available there. It means this website is not present at any social media platform. It is an alarming sign for the legitimacy of Heisadragon Com.


After getting all the reviews of Heisadragon Com in various ways, we have come to this conclusion that this online shopping website is not genuine. There is a lot of information which Heisadragon Com has not provided to its viewers.

Such a young website with limited information can never be trustworthy. We do not recommend you to purchase anything through Heisadragon Com.

Best of luck!

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