How to bake a sweet potato within the microwave

Our noses turn up at the idea of using a microwave as the primary method of cooking. “Microwaves should be used for reheating food alone,” you would possibly say.

That’s not true! Yes, some people use their microwaves to cook bacon and sausages. A bad scrambled egg can be easily made this way. Yes, they are machines that many are overly dependent upon.

Microwaves are often used for quite just reheating leftovers.

If you’re in a hurry, you can cook a variety of other foods quickly and easily in a microwave. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a machine like this to accommodate our busy 21st Century lifestyles?

How does a microwave cook food?

Microwaves use electromagnetic energy to stimulate tiny water molecules within food, generating heat energy.

You don’t need to worry, though. Since microwave radiation is on the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, the waves don’t have nearly enough energy to cause cancer.

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Microwaves within the machine bounce off reflective metal walls until they reach the food. The food rotates within the microwave as it cooks to ensure even cooking. It’s possible to cook many foods in the microwave from scratch-it’s not just reheating. Sweet potatoes are one of these foods.

With your microwave, you can make delicious baked sweet potatoes in less than half the time it takes in a conventional oven.

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The oven needs to be preheated, and the cooking process itself takes about 30 minutes. These days, who has time for that? No one. Follow these easy steps to form the right baked sweet potato in but 10 minutes.

Microwaved Baked Sweet Potato

To prepare a sweet potato for microwave cooking, you should first scrub it until it is absolutely clean. Due to their earthy origins, root vegetables need to be cleaned more thoroughly. Using cool water and a scrub brush, clean the sweet potatoes thoroughly. Make sure you remove all dirt and debris. Particularly if you love the potato’s skin, you should be meticulous here.

After that, pierce all over the sweet potato with a fork. The importance of this issue can’t be overstated. Steam accumulates between the flesh and the skin of a sweet potato when it’s microwaved. Your potato will explode if you don’t pierce it eight or ten times before you put it in the microwave! Don’t push your fork into the potato too deeply, because you only need to break the skin. You can achieve the same results by cutting a large X on top.

Take a damp paper towel and wrap the sweet potato loosely in it. Make sure the paper towel doesn’t get torn. It creates a steaming effect on the baked sweet potato, leading to a soft and fluffy inside and preventing it from shrinking.

Also, it keeps the sweet potato moist throughout the cooking process and prevents it from drying out. This will keep the potato’s skin soft and prevent it from shrinking.

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Never, ever use aluminum foil as a substitute for paper towels. The microwaves will be deflected away from the potato by aluminum and sparks will fly everywhere inside.

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Use the microwave on full power for 4 minutes to cook the sweet potato. Once it has been cooked for 4 minutes, flip it over and continue cooking for 4 more minutes. You can try to poke it with a fork afterwards to see if it is soft. The potato will be ready about now, depending on how many you’re making and how big the potato is. Place it back in for another two to three minutes if it did not.

You can continue cooking the potato for a minute at a time so you can check it and avoid overcooking it.

Microwaving Sweet Potato Chips

Chips can also be made in the microwave just as effectively as baking the whole sweet potato. There are some people who feel they cannot get the crispiness they want when they bake sweet potato chips in the oven, which is why more and more people are turning to the microwave to get them just as they want them.

The sweet potatoes should be washed and dried as if they were going to be cooked whole. They should be thinly sliced and coated with olive oil once they’re in a bowl. After that, you can arrange the slices on a microwave-safe plate and season them with salt.

Once the chips are dry and crisp, they should be cooked in the microwave. Additionally, they will become slightly browned. When you are finished baking, let the sweet potato chips cool before you place them in a bowl.

Once all the slices have been cooked, repeat this process. It may take a few microwave sessions to cook off all the slices from the potatoes you cut when you place them on a plate in a single layer.

The chips should be microwaved on high for approximately two minutes and a half to four minutes. It is important that you monitor them closely though to prevent them from browning too much. Make sure they are ok every two minutes. You may need to adjust the cooking time based on how thick or thin you slice your sweet potato.

The coconut oil was substituted for olive oil in some cases. Adding maple syrup and cayenne pepper will enhance the flavor even more. Alternately, you could top the chips with rosemary and sea salt or add a few pinches of chili powder or cumin.

Feel free to serve however you like!

Once the sweet potato is fully cooked, remove it from the paper towels. Adding a spoonful of sour cream and some chopped spring onion will complete the dish. So there you have it! Those with a time-is-money mindset will enjoy this healthy, tasty snack. Make the dish more substantial by adding bacon and sweet corn.

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