Kane 11 Socks Reviews! Is it Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard of kane 11 socks?

Are these socks perfect for you? Read the review!

If you are also the one who is searching for getting all the necessary information about kane 11 socks, you have come to the right site.

Here, you will be informed everything about kane 11 socks. After reading this article, you will be able to judge whether you should also purchase kane 11 socks or not.

Keep reading this article to get a deeper dive!

Brief Introduction to Kane 11 Socks

Kane 11 socks brand is a well-known brand name. You would have definitely heard this brand name often in your everyday life. It is a USA brand and as you know that USA brands are highly trustable, kane 11 socks brand is also one of them. Kane 11 socks have got the popularity in a very short period of time. Though there is not much personal information about the brand of kane 11 socks, it seems that kane 11 socks is a crack team of engineers, textile experts and factory partners.

To know everything about kane 11 socks, read on this article!

Are Kane 11 Socks Worth It?

Kane 11 is the name of socks selling brand. Kane 11 socks brand has a huge stock of various kinds of socks. These socks come in different sizes, colors and designs. Even it has also the socks with different materials. If we talk about their price, it also varies socks to socks.

Does not it seem surprising?

Kane 11 socks are so comfortable that you can perform a various activities after wearing these socks.

Some of the activities which you can do by wearing these socks are as follows:

  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • Tennis

Seems cool!

Specifications of Kane 11 Socks

Some of the key specifications of kane 11 socks are as follows:

·        Material of Kane 11 Socks

Material of kane 11 socks come in different kinds of material including: cotton (men’s Montauk socks, men’s Montauk OTC socks and men’s Montauk packs socks etc), merino wool (men’s sebring socks and women’s Monroe socks etc), micromodal (women’s Kendal socks and men’s Liam socks etc) and K-sport (Men’s Daytona and women’s brook etc).

 So you can buy any material of socks of your need.

·        Colors of Kane 11 Socks

Kane 11 socks do not stick with the same black or white color for its stock as many other brands do.

It has a wide-variety of colors which are as follows:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Multi
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

You can select any color which you like most. So having such a number of colors in kane 11 socks seems perfect.

·        Size/Height of Kane 11 Socks

Are you searching for the socks which should be the ankle-height sized?

Or you are the one who love the socks which are just over the calf?

Now you can meet all your needs buy purchasing kane 11 socks.

Kane 11 socks come in four different sizes including:

  • No-shows size
  • Ankle size
  • Quarter size
  • Crew size
  • Over the calf size

So you can get any size of your need in a very reasonable price.

·        Gender Specific

Kane 11 socks brand has a huge stock of socks for the males and females separately?

For example, it has a stock of socks which are for men only like men’s harry, men’s laylo, men’s foyt, men’s laguna and men’s juno etc.

kane 11 socks brand has also the stock which is women specific like women’s laylo, women’s meadow, women’s Madison, women’s Bedford, women’s lotus, women’s bolt, women’s lilla packs and much more socks which are made one for women.

moreover, the sizes ranges of males and females are also different. As the feet size of females is smaller than those of males, kane 11 socks brand has kept this point in mind.

The size of male socks ranges between 7 to 17 inches whereas the size of female socks ranges between 6 to 12 inches.

So it has the high probability that you will find your size in this brand.

1.     Men’s Stock

If we talk about the stock of Kane 11 socks for men, it is confirmed that any man can find its favorite socks from this huge stock. The size of men socks ranges between seven to seventeen inches. You will find different styles of men’s socks here.

Men can choose the no-show height of socks. Men’s special laylo socks are available here which are made of cotton. The price of one pair of men’s laylo socks will cost you $10.50.

You may know that men always find it better to wear ankle-high socks. Such socks are also available at Kane 11 Company. Different kinds of ankle-high socks with different colors and prices are available. Choose any socks from them which you like most.

You may also find the quarter-height socks. Does not it seem cool to you?

Crew-sized socks for males are also available which have the variety including: men’s venice socks, men’s sebring socks, men’s foyt socks, men’s hobie socks and much more.

Do you love over the calf-sized socks? If you are the one who want to wear over the calf-socks, you should be glad to Kane 11 brand which also has the stock of such kind of socks. Anyhow, the price of men’s socks increases by increasing the number of wools of these socks.

In this way Kane 11 seems the best brand to purchase men’s socks.

2.     Women’s Stock

Kane 11 has also got a huge stock of socks which are specific to women. This stock has the size which ranges between six to twelve inches.

You may know that women always like colorful things. Women also like to wear cool things which come up to their fashion as well as meet their other requirements. By keep in view of all the points related to women, Kane 11 has introduced a huge stock which is especially made to meet all the needs of women.

Let’s get a deeper dive into the women stock of Kane 11 socks.

Are you the woman who likes no-shows size of the socks? This size of women socks is available at Kane 11. Moreover, this size comes in nine different colors for the women including purple, mint, lime, hot pink, navy, sky blue, heather grey, white and black.

Ankle-high socks are also available at Kane 11 Company. It is also available various kinds of colors specially made for women.

Quarter-sized socks always seem cool and reasonable. This size is also available for women in different colors.

Do like crew-sized socks?

You can purchase women’s crew-sized socks from the stock of Kane 11 socks.

However, the over the calf-sized socks are not available for women because a woman never likes such a large size. So Kane 11 brand has not made such size of socks for women.

·        Price of Kane 11 Socks

The price of kane 11 socks varies from socks to socks. For example, women’s laylo socks will cost you $10.50 only whereas women’s bolt socks will cost you $15.50. all the socks of kane 11 have not the same price. You can purchase any sock that is according to your bank balance.

·        Promotions and Discounts

As kane 11 socks brand is one of the most popular brands all over the world, it does not need to give extreme discounts and other kinds of promotions to sell its socks.

However, kane 11 socks brand offers you 20% discount at your first purchase. So don’t waste your time in thinking and get your first discount by purchasing the socks as soon as possible.

·        Shipping Policy

kane 11 normally ships your order within 24 to 48 hours. It only ships through P O box procedure. Moreover, the shipping facility is only available for the USA and the nearby territories. The standard domestic shipping will take up to seven days. the brand remains off on holidays. So you cannot receive your order on holiday. The shipping cost varies from place to place. To know more information about the shipping cost, you can visit its official website.

·        Return Policy

The socks sold within ninety days are not marked as the “final sale” by the kane 11 brand. So you can return your order back within these ninety days even without any complaint.

 However, kane 11 gives you a life-time guarantee. kane 11 guarantees that its shoes never slip under the shoes. Moreover, it also claims to sell the world’s most durable socks.

So to return the socks in case of any fault, just make the video while walking with these socks. If your video shows the real fault, brand will be responsible to “double your money-back”.

This confidence of the manufacturers of kane 11 socks ensures the high durability of these socks.

Costumer’s Reviews about Kane 11 Socks

Many costumers have given the positive feedback about Kane 11 socks. We have gathered some reviews of the costumers of Kane 11 socks from its official website which we want to share to you.

Some of the costumer’s reviews about Kane 11 socks are as follows:

Barbara Howlett said:

“I bought one pair and Oh My Goh how comfortable the sock not only fits the foot, the calf measurements were right on. No horrid ring around my calf and yet they stay up. Wish they werei n Black and Navy which are my go to colors.”

Lori said:

“My feet love your socks. They stay in place and feel great. Thank you.”

Frances Gale said:

“I always buy nice wool socks for the rest of my family for birthdays and Christmas stocking stuffers. This Mothers Day I bought a pair of Kane socks for myself and I absolutely love them. Plus I love that they are MADE IN AMERICA!”

DeeG said:

“Although the TV commercials made sense about why you would wear a sock that was made to span several sizes, rather than your particular size, I had some trepidations about their limitations. So I put in a small order for 2 pair of the Men’s Sierra which included the introductory discount. I will tell you that it indeed makes a difference when you have socks that are made to correctly fit your foot size.”

Jane keenan said:

“Both loved socks so brought them another pair each, rather expensive but anything thats any good is, may buy more if sale pops up missed last one, Thankyou great idea”

After reading all the reviews coming from numerous costumers of kane 11 brand, we have come to the point that there is no risk in the purchasing of such fantastic socks of kane 11 brand. These socks are very comfortable to wear. Feel free to purchase kane 11 socks.

Where to Buy Kane 11 Socks?

After reading all the specification of kane 11 socks in detail, you would have thought  where these socks are sold. So it is informed that kane 11 socks can only be purchased through its official website. there, you can find the whole stock of socks and much other information about this brand. So do not forget to visit its official website to buy kane 11 socks.

Last Verdict

After getting all the necessary information about kane 11 socks, what are you feeling now?

Does not it seem legit? Are not they comfortable?  Kane 11 socks are the world-wide most comfortable socks to run and walk. You will feel fantastically cool after wearing these socks. Moreover, these kane 11 socks come in various kinds of styles and colors. The price of Kane 11 socks is also very reasonable.

So we have come to this clear point that you should purchase at least one sock to give it a try. the price of these socks is not much. So do not feel afraid of losing your money and feel free to purchase Kane 11 socks. If you feel any fault in the socks of Kane 11 brand, your money will be return back to you.

Don’t waste your time in faffing around and purchase for your feet as soon as possible.

Best of luck!

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