Klwear Reviews! Is this Website Scam or Legit?

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Do you want to know about the truth of klwear.com? Read this reviews

Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

 this article will be very helpful for you. Many people contact us wanting to know the reality of this klwear.com website. For that reason, we have searched it a lot and get the following information about this website.

What is klwear.com?

klwear.com is an online shopping store where you can find a huge variety of women clothes. It sells ready-to-wear, cover ups, scarves and much more. The images of its stock are also very charming and attractive. Once you look at these images, you  will decide to purchase the products at any cost. But, the thing is, are all these clothes genuine? Do they really drop our parcel at our homes? Is the color and quality of the clothes same as seen in the images? You will hopefully get the answers of all of your questions after reading this article.

Higher Price

The clothes that this market is selling are very expensive. For example, a green leopard scarf costs $49.99 which may be quite normal for its unique color and quality. It is not selling things at a very low price to trap the innocent people as many other fake online stores do. Its higher price than that of any other market makes sense that its product will must be unique.

Fake Street Address

If you check its street address at whois.com, you will find that it has hidden it in the guise of DomainsByProxy.com which means you cannot find its real residence. Why did it not show its real address? Is it in a fear to be caught by police? Many questions come in mind after this wrong act of
klwear.com. it has given its office address at its website which is: 3734 Royal Troon Drive, Eagle Mountain, UT 84005 United States. This address also seems fake because if you search this address at goole map, you will find nothing but a house. It means this online store has no office or home address at all.

Age of the Website

klwear.com is a newly created website. We searched its registration date at whois.com and we found that this website is just 2 months old which is not the enough time to rely on it. Its registration date is 2020-04-09. Many deceivers are making new websites to swindle the people these days. So be aware of it. It may be one of those fraud websites.

Wrong Phone Number

klwear.com claims to have a phone number (804) 301-4872. But, this number code does not match its own area code. Scottsdale has a phone code 480. It means this website has provided a fake phone number.

Other Hidden Identity

·        Name

Its name section on whois.com contains “Registration Private”. It has not shown its real name. what would be the reason. You should think about it.

·        Organization name:

klwear.com has hidden a lot of important information of its website. It has not disclosed his organization name. it does not want you to know who organized it.

·        Email address:

It has also kept its website in privacy. You cannot see its real email address. After searching this website at whois.com, you will find its email address like this: [email protected]  Why did it do this? How will you record a complaint in case of any fault in the product? So you should think before you act.


We have provided you all the necessary information about klwear.com. the all we have found is that there seems nothing wrong after checking its catalog and unique prices. However, its hidden identity let us smell a rat. Today we are living in the world which can do anything for its betterment. So, you should think a lot before believing in anyone.

Stylishmodewe, Peiwq, Patchamperes, Playsetskids, Noatanice, kznice , Maxvio and AirPolice4.com are fake online stores which have lured a lot of people in a short time. klwear.com may also be one of them. We recommend you not to purchase anything from klwear.com.

Note: If you have been swindled by any fake online shopping store, you should file a case at that website as soon as possible. Your one small act can save the money of million innocent people.

Best of luck!

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