Kuicshop Reviews! Is Kuicshop Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Want to know Kuicshop reviews?

Have you ever heard of Kuicshop online shopping store? Read the reviews!

Is it scam?

If you want to get right Kuicshop Reviews to know the reality behind Kuicshop com, you have come to the right place. Here, you will be told everything about Kuicshop shopping store and after reading this article, you will be able to decide whether  you should purchase anything through this online shopping website or not. So read on this article!

What is Kuicshop Com?

Kuicshop Com is an online shopping website where you can find various tools related to different professions like hobby, sport and game etc. some of its products are: Rescue Squad Adventure Game, Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Chainsaw, HEX SHANK FIREWOOD DRILL BIT, Knife Drawer Lock Organizer and Muti-Funtion Compact Circular Saw etc.

After visiting the Kuicshop Com ecommerce website, you will take it as the last destination to purchase tool easily. But wait! It might also be the scam.

Specifications of Kuicshop Com

  1. Website type: Multi-purpose store
  2. Web address: https://www.kuicshop.com/
  3. Shipping: Within 2-3 days
  4. Delivery: Within 5-12 days
  5. Returns: 14 days return policy
  6. Refunds: Full refunds
  7. Return address: There is no information.
  8. Phone number: There is no information.
  9. E-mail address: [email protected]
  10.  Payment method: PayPal and Visa cards

Is Kuicshop Com Legit?

After getting the bird’s eye view of Kuicshop Com shopping website, you will definitely be stick to any one tool from the stock to buy. But, how can you make the decision of shopping after just watching the appearance of the online shopping store. It is also possible that a scam person has made that website just to lure your money. In this regard, we have shared some super tricks to get the reviews about Kuicshop Com shopping website. Read on this article!

Age of the Website

As you may know that old websites are more trustworthy than those of the young shopping websites, you must confirm the age of the specific shopping website to know its legitimacy. Now if you want to know the age of Kuicshop Com, just go to whois.com which is a huge website to scrutinize all kinds of websites.

The next thing which you will do is place the web address: Kuicshop Com there. You will find that this website is no more than one year old. Such a short time period is not enough to say any website the genuine one. So Kuicshop Com might be the scam. Must think about it!

Hidden Email Address

Whois.com shows that Kuicshop Com has not provided its real email address at its database. Usually the scammers do not show their real email address in the fear to be caught by any kind of cyber officer. They use different proxies to keep their email id secret. On the other hand, genuine websites have no such issue with them. So why has Kuicshop Com not shown its real email id? Must think wisely before shopping through Kuicshop Com!

No Contact Number

Kuicshop Com has not provided any kind of contact number information in its contact us page. Contact number is one of the important things to contact the users for the genuine websites. But, scam websites do not want to contact their customers because their just want to loot the people and nothing else. Also, they have the fear of police.

So they do not provide any kind of contact number information at their websites. But why has Kuicshop Com not provided it? It might be the scam one. Must think about it!

No Office Address

Kuicshop Com has no return address mentioned any of its page. So how can you return the order in case of any fault? Suppose if Kuicshop Com shopping website is scam, how will you reach it? It is a very easy trick mostly used by the scam websites. Scammers never provide any office address information to their customers because in this way, they can be caught by police. Must think!

No Customers’ Reviews

If you visit Kuicshop Com shopping website at your browser, you will find no customers’ at any tool being sold by Kuicshop shopping store. It seems no one has purchased any tool through Kuicshop Com yet or the store has not delivered the order of anyone. It also gets us smell a rat in the whole story. Be careful!

Pros of Kuicshop Com

  1. Whole stock looks the high quality stock
  2. Price of the tools is quite adequate
  3. The website is SSL secured
  4. It is present at social media platform

Cons of Kuicshop Com

  1. There is no costumer review
  2. Copied content is used in this website
  3. The website is not accessible by Alexa ranking
  4. Limited contact information
  5. The site has a poor trust score which is only 2%
  6. There are a lot of spelling errors in this website
  7. The email address and web address are quite different

Bottom Line

We have done our searches to know the reality behind Kuicshop Com shopping website and now we have come to this clear point that there is nothing legit at this website. These Kuicshop reviews have confirmed that its content, its stock images, and its overall appearance everything is misleading. It is absolutely a scam website and we recommend you not to trust such dodgy online shopping websites.

Best of luck!

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