Lifetimeism Com Reviews – Check If It Is A Legit

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Have you ever heard of Lifetimeism Com?

If you are a woman, you will need an official website which is selling trending clothes and other accessories at a very reasonable price. For that, you may visit a lot of online shopping stores. Lifetimeism Com is one of those shopping stores which sell all the products which you need most.

In this article, you may know whether Lifetimeism Com is legit or not.

What is Lifetimeism Com?

Lifetimeism Com is an e-commerce website which claims to sell various women clothing like T-shirts, tanks, blouses, outerwear, sweaters, hoodies, tops, bottoms and different up-to-date women dresses. Lifetimeism Com is also providing various discount offers to its customers.

Though Lifetimeism Com contains women clothing, you may also see different kinds of accessories there. Some of its accessories are gemstone necklace, pendant necklace, butterfly necklace, clavicle necklace and skull necklace etc.

The clothing stock of Lifetimeism Com contains print sweatshirts, long sleeve sweatshirts, round-neck T-shirts, dye patchwork sweatshirts, short-sleeve T-shirts and much more. The images of the whole stock are so attractive that you may make your mind to purchase any dress through Lifetimeism Com instantly.

But, the risk of Lifetimeism Com to be the scam still exists.

The following steps will confirm whether Lifetimeism Com website is legit or scam:

Age of Lifetimeism Com

As you may know that people trust the shopping stores which are at least five years old, you should confirm the age of Lifetimeism Com. for that reason, visit whois website and place the web address there. You will find that it is just three months old shopping website. Three months is a too short time to trust any website. Just think about it!

Email Address Information

Now check the Contact Us page of Lifetimeism Com. you will find nothing but an email address there. That is a legit point of this shopping store because most legitimate websites always use their Company name as the domain.

Similarly, Lifetimeism Com has also used its brand name “Lifetimeism” as its domain. So, it might be a legit website.

No Office Address

There is no office address or any other address which we can belong to Lifetimeism Com shopping website. It seems there is no physical presence of this online clothing store. Mostly, fake people do such silly things. They do not share their office addresses because they have a fear of police. So, Lifetimeism Com might also be one of those fake stores. Must think!

No Phone Number

A phone number is a key to access the right place at the right time. Most legit websites always share their contact numbers in their Contact Us pages to gain the trust of people. But, in the case of Lifetimeism Com, there is nothing that. So, maybe Lifetimeism Com is a fake online store.

No Social Media Presence

There is no social media icon available on Lifetimeism Com website. It means this shopping website is not present at any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Moreover, there is no YouTube channel which we can relate to Lifetimeism Com website. It means this website is trying to hide its identity. Must think about it wisely!


Lifetimeism Com has not shared anything genuine about it. Its young age reflects its scam behaviour because most scam websites are newly-created. If you visit Lifetimeism Com and scrutinize each page of Lifetimeism Com deeply, you will find there is nothing legit in this online shopping store.

So, we do not recommend you to shop anything through this online shopping store.

Best of luck!

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