Lucene Duarte – Brazilian model joins Onlyfans

Leonardo Hathway also known as Leo is 19-year-old Playboy model who has recently been circulating in news after debuting his mom on the latest social media platform – Onlyfans.

Hathway himself is a London based model who is no stranger to posing nude for men’s magazine – but now, the teen is backing his mom to capture sexy snaps for strangers on a private social media platform for adults.

He claims, “I have to support her choices, just as she supports mine”. He goes on to explain his relationship with his mother saying, “We have an incredible relationship between mother and child” – according to daily star.

Leo and Lucene posing for a picture

The social media star and former Miss BumBum is making a fortune off of her insanely hot full-figured pictures online – with already 956,000 followers on Instagram and rising subscribers on Onlyfans – Duarte is on the path to making millions.

Leo for his support in launching her on Onlyfans is reportedly going to help himself to a handsome sum from her hard-earned money.

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is an elite social media app that allows big personalities to post their private pictures – only visible to subscribers. The app charges maximum of $49.99 for subscription.

This exclusive app is the talk of the town as major personalities and celebrities including Cardi B and Bella Thorne have recelty become part of Onlyfans community – gaining further popularity.

Onlyfans empowers content creators by giving them the maximum control over the kind of content they create – including porn.

Who is Lucene Duarte?

The new social media star is already a model who has earned rapid popularity on Instagram owing to her gorgeous and bosomy pictures that have gained millions of likes. In 2020, she held the title of Miss BumBum beauty pageant. Her modelling career includes Portuguese and Vietnamese Harper’s Bazar and especially Playboy.

According to her pictures on Instagram, the model appears to be in her forties with two children – however, she has not revealed her real age. The model has maintained herself very well and still look stunning – proving age is just a number.

The gorgeous Lucene Duarte posing in front of a beautiful view

Duarte currently lives in England with her two teenage children. It is reported that her 13-year-old daughter equally participates in supporting her mother. Duarte says she is the one who captures her pictures for Instagram and Onlyfans- reports New York Post.

Lucene Duarte net worth

Being an Instagram model and influencer only, Duarte’s net worth only ranged in a couple of thousand dollars. However, as her son setup her Onlyfans account, the model’s future earnings are estimated to rise to millions. Onlyfans is a great opportunity for content creators to make the real money.

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