Majicer Reviews! Is Majicer Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Want to know majicer reviews?

Have you ever heard of majicer online shopping store? Read the reviews!

Is it legit?

If you are the one who is going to shop through shopping website without getting reviews about majicer, you are at a great risk to lose your money by the scammers. You may know that millions of people are being got scammed by the fraud people every day. At this time, we cannot trust anyone at internet. You should gather much information about the specific online shopping website before buying anything through it.

After reading this majicer reviews, you will be able to judge whether shopping website is legit or scam.

What is Majicer Com? is an online women shopping website where you can find a huge stock of women fashion related items including: tops like shirts, blouses etc, outwears, dresses of different designs, bottoms like jumpsuits, pants and shorts etc and other women accessories like shoes and bags etc.

You will see a huge stock of shoes like printed soft bottom flat slippers, Pointed Casual High Heel Sandals, Sexy Casual Stiletto High Heel Sandals and Open-toe Wedge heel sandals etc. has also got various kinds of women bags including: African Print Clutch Bag, Round Handmade Straw Simple Handbag, Round Handmade Straw Embroidered Simple Crossbody Bag, printed clutch bag and hollowed-out braided high-capacity one-shoulder handbag etc.

Read the majicer reviews before making any decision to buy through it.

Specification of Majicer Com

  1. Web address:
  2. Stock: women fashion accessories
  3. Email address: [email protected]
  4. Office address: not available
  5. Payment method: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards
  6. Phone number: not available
  7. Registration date: 2020-06-05

Is Majicer Com legit?

Have you been inspired by the attractive stock of Majicer shopping store? But wait! You might be scammed by someone. If you want to know the reality behind Majicer com, these reviews will provide you a handy guide in this regard. Apparently there is nothing wrong in Majicer com shopping website. But, is it really not scam? Must read the reviews!

Age of the Website

 You may know that the age of the specific website tells us much about the legitimacy of that website. For example, if a website is around five year old with no bad user experience recorded, it must be the genuine website. But, Majicer com has nothing like that. If you want to know the real age of Majicer com website, you should visit shows that Majicer com website is just one month old shopping website. How can one month old website be legit? It has a high risk to be scam. Must think about it!

Hidden Email Address shows that majicer com shopping website has hidden its real email address in the guise of domainsbyproxy. Domainsbyproxy is a platform where numerous scammers come to keep their email address hidden. They do not want to show off their real email address in the fear to be caught by the cyber officer. Majicer com shopping website might also be one of those scams. Think about it wisely!

No Contact Number

Contact number has become the identity of the genuine people. If you do not have a phone number how can someone reach you? Usually the scammers do not share their contact numbers because the cyber officers approach easily to that person by using the phone number. Now you will be shocked to know that majicer com has also not provided its contact number information at its contact us page.

It seems suspicious by keeping in view this point. You should think before shopping through majicer com.

No Return Address

One of the best tricks to judge whether the specific website is trustworthy or not is getting the knowledge about its return address. Usually the scammers do not provide any return address to its customers because they have the only intention to lure the innocent people. They need not to get back the orders. Also, they have fear to be arrested by the police. So they seem it better to hide their return address. But, why has majicer com not provided its return address? Must think about it!

Fake Stock Images

The images of the products being sold at majicer com are also the fake stock images. Actually, majicer com shopping website has not such stock which it claims to have. If you want to the reality behind these stock images, just pick one image of any product which majicer com claims to have and place it at Google images.

 You will find the real destination of that image. Mostly the images are picked from another shopping store like How can majicer com be the legit shopping website? Must think wisely!

Pros of Majicer Com

  1. Free Shipping at $79.99
  2. Return / Exchange and refund option available
  3. Secure payment mode
  4. HTTPS network protocol

Cons of Majicer Com

  1. Product claims in “About Us” is false
  2. Not a familiar shopping website
  3. Bulk ordering of product seems suspicious
  4. No social media involvement
  5. Low traffic on the website server

Bottom Line

We have searched our best to know the reality behind majicer com website. Now we have come to this clear point that there is nothing which we can say legit. It is an absolutely fake website. There is a lot of information which majicer com has not provided to its customers. It is a highly misleading and dodgy online shopping website. You should be aware of such websites.

Best of luck!

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