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Mark Mcmullen Death – The vocalist, a native of Northern Ireland, appeared on the show on Saturday night to give an endearing performance of Les Miserables Bring Him Home, leaving Simon Cowell crying as he dedicated the tune to his brother Declan. Currently Mark has only spoken to, about exactly what happened seven years ago that changed his already healthy brother’s life and placed him in a condition that he analyzes as “being covered alive”. He stated: ‘Declan sadly when he was 19, he suffered from heart failure in his room when we were preparing for school one morning. He just fell dead in the center of the room, but clearly, now, he got up before all of us in the house, so no one was alert to understand what was going on. We went in to keep an eye on him, when that morning I was preparing for school and casually I realized that he was lying in a strange and serious situation in his bed. It just didn’t seem normal, and in the end I went over to him and realized that he was dead by then, that he wasn’t breathing. ‘ Fortunately, because he knew CPR close to his father, the family had the option to restore Declan and take him to a medical clinic, but the collapse left him with irreparable damage. Insured Syndrome is a rare motor disability that occurs for the most part when a part of the brain stem, known as the bump, becomes damaged and ultimately causes loss of movement in all intentional movements. ”

He is here with us today and we are extremely fortunate to have him, however, it had been too long between him getting sick and paramedics arriving that a lot of brain damage happened, ‘said Mark. “The main way I can portray it is that it looks like it’s covered alive,” he continued. ‘He cannot see, he cannot speak, he cannot eat, he cannot drink, he cannot move any part of his body. The main parts that he can move are his eyelids and some slight facial developments, and that’s it. Mark, who was only 17 at the time of the episode, gave up his fantasy of coming to London and pursuing a musical vocation to focus on becoming a cartoonist, allowing him to live at home and help his parents think of Declan. Be that as it may, after some time Mark’s affection for the music helped him to talk to his brother, with a video of him singing Bring Him Home that became famous online in Ireland, and which gave him a presentation space spotty on Irish talk shows, including The Late Show.

 Despite the fact that Mark demands that his ‘brush with distinction’ at home be a far cry from that. ‘For me, it was not an acclamation. It was never popularity. I was perceived as this vocalist, perceived as the person in the video with his brother. In general, he returned to Declan, ” he clarified. “ I was never referred to in a similar way to a vocalist or as having any kind of understanding and that’s what people see on the web. ‘That was all that originated from that. Two recordings and once they are finished, the acclaim is transitory. Then it was back and forth. I was just happy to see Declan happy about it. Seven years later, having grown stronger with his brother through music, the open door emerged for him to give his melodic dreams another shot at British talent Got. “He [Declan] doesn’t open those doors in life right now,” said Mark. “He can’t just get up and do things, so I think I’m committed to trying to do those things with him or for him.”

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