Milmelo reviews – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

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Milmelo reviews –Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? Do you want to purchase gardening tools at a reasonable price?

This article will provide you with a complete guide to!
Do you love gardening?
Plants play a vital role in our life. We cannot breathe without vegetation around us. In addition, there are numerous other benefits for them in our daily lives. These are the main source of our food. It is a reality that vegetation can lighten our mood in minutes. We feel calm and refreshing while sitting in the garden.
So our lawns should look beautiful.
But, if you want to buy the garden decoration pieces online, it will be very risky for you. Because, today, numerous scammers have come to the Internet to loot people.

What is Milmelo.Com? is an online shopping store where you can find various kinds of garden related things like expandable fake privacy fence, hanging pot baskets, sunlight, biodegradable grass seed mat and much more. In addition, it is selling a limited stock related to sports like the Powerblend Men’s Retro Fleece Sweatpants.
It seems that can satisfy all the needs of your gardening profession. But can you trust this online store without getting a lot of information about it?

Age of

If you want to verify the age of, go to and find your required web address there. You will find that you have no more than three months of shopping website. Is three months enough to say that a specific website is real? Three months is not enough to trust any site to buy through it. So might not be a legitimate website.

No Office Address

If you visit the Contact Us page of, you will not find the office address or any other return address there. It means that the owner of this online shopping store is not accessible to us. Also, the police cannot arrest you in case of scam. For the most part, scammers don’t want to share their office addresses to keep themselves safe from any danger from the police. So could be a scam in this regard.

Email Address Information

The email address provided by the mills online shopping store is not the professional email address. It is an Outlook email. Legitimate sites always use your brand as the domain of your email. In the case of, there is none of that. Since your email address is unprofessional, could be the scam.

Telephone Number Information

If you visit the Contact Us page at, you will not find a phone number available there. It means that you cannot contact the representatives of in case of any query. For the most part, legitimate sites always provide a contact number to stay connected with their viewers. For them, the convenience of the spectators is paramount. But, in the case of, there is none of that. So it could be the scam website. Just think about it!


We’ve thoroughly scrutinized, and now we’ve gotten to the point that the milmelo shopping store is just a fake online shopping store trying to get your money and nothing else. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy anything through

Best of luck!

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