Montana Buffalo Bags Reviews! Are these free Bags Legit or Scam?

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In this year 2020, online business is growing very fast. At the same time, many scammers are also being seen. But, the thing is, how can we protect ourselves from the fraud persons? How to judge a website, whether it is legit or scam? If you also have all these questions, read this article to learn the tricks of scrutinizing a website.

What is Montana Buffalo Bags Company?

Montana Buffalo bags have become very popular on social media. Numerous ads of Montana Buffalo bags at Facebook and Instagram offer us the bags for free. It seems to be cool because nobody can refuse to get the bags, which will come free of cost. But, it may be a fraud. In this way, this company may want to get your attention. In this article, you will be provided all the necessary information about the reality of Montana Buffalo bags.

Identical Websites of Montana Buffalo Bags

Montana Buffalo bags do not have one online store. It has many websites with the same logo. and are two of them. But why did this company make so many websites to sell its products? Usually, no genuine company does so. The presence of many sites makes this company suspicious.

Hidden Email Address

After searching one of the websites of Montana Buffalo bags at, you will find that its email address is hidden in the guise of, which is used to keep the email address of the websites secret. Why did they hide their email address at their sites? You must think about it.

No Phone Number

You will be shocked after hearing that such a large company has no phone number. How will you contact this company in case of any complaint? Moreover, the phone number can tell the area to which this company belongs. So has it a fear to be caught by the police? You should also think about this point.

No Return Address

Montana Buffalo Bags has not provided its return address on its websites. How will you get the scammers if you do not get your product? Moreover, the police cannot arrest that person quickly because he does not provide his address.

Fake Images

The images of Montana Buffalo Bags are all the same everywhere in different websites. Amazon is selling the same bag with the name of the briefcase. If you want to see yourself, just copy any image of Montana Buffalo Bags and paste at Google images. You will find a lot of results with the same picture having different names of the bag at various websites.

High Shipping Costs

You may see different ads of Montana Buffalo Bags Company on your Facebook account in which it claims to give you free bags. But, it is just a scam to loot you. One free bag has the shipping charges of $69.72. You can purchase the bag by yourself with this money. So it is just a trick that this company is using to dodge you.

Age of the Websites

All the websites of Montana Buffalo Bags Company are newly created sites. For example, the registered date of is 2020-06-12, whereas was generated at 2020-04-21. All the websites are less than six months old. Usually, fake people use newly created sites to defraud people. So this company might also be one of them.


We have done a lot of search at Montana Buffalo Bags, and finally, we can say it is just a scam. You should be aware of these kinds of companies which offer you something free. It is only the trick of scammers. However, the last verdict is yours. You have to decide whether you should trust this company or not. But, from our point of view, it is just a fraud and nothing else.

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