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Do you want to know about the truth of Read this reviews

Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

Do you know the purpose of are you going to buy anything from this website online? Wait for a minute! You may fall a prey to a scammer. It may get your money away from you. You should know the truth of before shopping something from it.

What is is an online shopping website which allows you to buy a huge variety of joy-cons and controllers including wired-controller, system controller, poke ball plus and much more. It is also selling numerous games including Mario cart 8 deluxe, animal crossing and astral chain etc. you will also find a huge collection of systems, nintendo labo, refurbished and other computer accessories. But, will you buy any product from this store before getting any information? It might loot you. read this article to make the right decision.

·        Age of the Website

Age of any website decides whether you should trust it or not. After placing this web address at, you will find that it is just 8 days old website. how can you trust such a young website? it might loot you because scam persons always use the new websites to remain away from the eye of police. So it may be a scam.

·        No Social Media Existence has no social media appearance. There is no page of this website on facebook, no pinterest and no instagram. Such a huge company is not in a favor to reveal over the world. What will be the reason behind it? You should thing about this matter cleverly.

·        Domain and Site Names are Different

One of The characteristics of a genuine website is it always keeps its domain and site name same to get the popularity. But, scammers have a fear of being recognized by the police. So they use a different domain name. as you can see, the site name of this website is Nintendo and its domain name is Nintgameset. So this website is a highly suspicious website to be scam.

·        Copied Images

It is also a trick to see whether a website is legit or fake. Scammers do not have their own data and images. So they pick the images from Google and paste them into their websites to dodge the innocent people. To see whether the images used in this website are genuine or fake, just pick the images from the website and put them into the Google images one by one. You will find no picture used in this website is their own. so it also makes this site suspicious.

·        No People’s Reviews

There are no reviews of people about any product of seems either no costumer has used any product yet or the website does not want to reveal the reviews for its false intentions. That’s why you should think about it deeply.


We have searched a lot at and we have concluded that it is not a legit website. it is just created to swindle the people who do not get sufficient information before taking any decision about it. So we highly recommend you not to trust any website like this to stay away from the scammers.

Best of luck!

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