Is one of the most popular online clothing brand Shein a scam? Everything you need to know before you order

The rising China based fast fashion is making headlines on social media platform. The brand has people drooling over the aesthetics as Instagram fashion models increasingly post their OOTD from Shein. There is not denying, the brand offers some irresistible pieces from exquisite swimwear to party dresses, Shein has you covered with the best fashion has to offer.

Shein is no stranger when it comes to skepticism, the brand has received its share of criticism which can have a great impact of sales. Let’s be honest ordering online can be a tricky business with a lot on stake so before making your order you should know everything about this trending clothing line.

How to order

In short, Shein website is incredibly user-friendly and the amount of clothes available on the website is overwhelming. Therefore, while the site is easy to look through and navigate, your shopping trip will not be short due to the immense variety available.

All you have to is select the pieces you like in your desired size and add them to cart. Once in cart, add your shipping and billing address and confirm your order. You can now sit back, relax and wait for you order to arrive in six to eight business days. The site asks for $3.90 for delivery but on the bright side, it offers free delivery above the order of $49.

Shein Sizing Guide

Shein sizing is almost always based on the size chart but since its an Asian company, their items can often run small and short. The best way to understand the size of a product is to carefully study reviews about specific measurements, for instance waist, length and bust.

Moreover, the sizing is not consistent across items, you have to consult size chart for different products. Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to the size guide and read the reviews.

Are Shein Clothes Worth it? Quality and Price

According to Reviewed, the quality can be good or bad, many buyers have reported that the quality of clothes was as inconsistent as the sizing. But you cannot blame the company for low quality trendy clothes; you are only getting what you pay for. It is recommended to buy from Shein for short term only, their sustainability is not its highest quality.

Make sure you do your research about the size and material before you make your purchase. Be mindful of the size and chart and read the reviews to make the right decision.    

More About

Shortly before Christmas, clothing e-Tyler listed 41 women’s tops for less than 3 3, 57 pairs of pants for less than 7 7, and 2,596 dresses for less than 10 10.

This was done after the site’s massive Black Friday sales, where shoppers could score up to ٪ 80 off most of their inventory, but its president’s day was already far from over, with everything going up to 80 80. There was a discount until.

The thing about Shane is that there are a lot of sales all the time. Even when there is no major explosion at the site (rare) the first time buyers are automatically offered a 10% to 20% discount. If users download Shane’s mobile app, they will get 15 get, and can cash in on “Shane Points” – additional mark-downs are paid for purchases and on-site product reviews.

If you’re not into online extremes, this will be the first time you’ve heard of Shane. But make no mistake about it as irrelevant: in addition to being one of the cheapest places to buy women’s clothing on the Internet, it is fast becoming one of the most popular.

According to the article, the brand has about 19 million Instagram followers – domestic fast fashion names such as Forever 21 (15 million) and AOS (11 million). And while the privately owned company does not disclose the revenue, Forbes Sheen estimates it at 15 15 billion, which is a combination of the other two brands.

As the price tag on these $ 2 sandals indicates, this is not a hateful dress. And similarly, under the flood of influence marketing and paying for social media posts celebrating the brand, people are overwhelmed with excitement.

On YouTube, dozens of Shane’s shoppers complain about dressing up in unfortunate situations: torn, colorful, and sometimes – no joke – stinky. In one video, a woman tries on a plus size shirt that is so bad that she has to separate herself from it. Someone else just opened the Delivered Sheen package to find “Pocket Tea” which ordered that he didn’t actually have a pocket.

Tick ​​tock is another gold dig for Sheen’s failure: a recent video shows a General Z-Air throwing Sheen’s bikini into a bathroom sink, giving her the same shade of pink. Has been immediately twisted like his new swimsuit.

Oddly enough, none of this prevents young shoppers from filling their rooms with sheer fabric. As of September 2020, Shenz’s mobile app was the second most downloaded shopping app in the world, according to market intelligence site Stock Apps. Only Amazon made it out.

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