Model Tiffany Mick turns to Onlyfans to make money during the Pandemic

The pandemic has been hard – for some people more than others. Millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs and are turning to social media platforms to make money by creating explicit content.

One such survivor is an Onlyfans creator and a model – Tiffany Mick. “I initially started it as a way to make a little bit of side money,” she said speaking with WJW. However, what started as a side gig helped Mick and her family survive the pandemic.

The new couple turned parents lost their jobs working at the same restaurant at the very start of the pandemic. It was becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet especially with an infant to provide for.

In such hard times, Mick turned to Onlyfans – a social media platforms that allows creators to have complete control of their content and monetize it. The website has a fixed subscription fee for the viewers to look at the content.

Mick posts weekly pictures of herself, sometimes nude and often in lingerie. Her husband has been supportive in the entire process and works behind camera. The teamwork skyrocketed, leading the duo to become the top 5% of Onlyfans having dozens of fans who pay a subsciprtion fee of $14.99 per month. “He helps because it helps me and empowers me. It helps us financially, it keeps things interesting,” said Mick.

The rising popularity and healthy financial situation have allowed Tiffany to seek professional help from a photographer who often shoots her pictures. Mick has a steady earning from tips only, collecting as much as $600 in a day.

Mick also stated that this is a job unlike any other and it is not for everyone. Many models who have turned to Onlyfans have seen unprecedented financial success but also loss in personal life. For instance, model Tiffany Poindexter — who saw her kids expelled for her work on the platform — says she’s making over $100,000 a day from OnlyFans – according to Knews

What is Onlyfans and how does it work?

Onlyfans is a new social media website that gives content creators the opportunity to monetize their content. Is has gained rapid popularity and is deemed controversial as the website offers a freehand to creators to publish any kind of content – from pornography to cooking and fitness.

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The website is in most part famous for adult content; however, it is not only limited to that. Creators from all over the world offer content related to art, photography, writing, poetry and even cooking.

The subscription charges for Onlyfans range from $5 – $50, and the company charges 20% of any earnings made on the website as a fee.

I started doing this as a way to make a little bit of money initially, “said Tiffany Mack, creator of Finz.

But what started out as a side gag helped Mike and his family avoid epidemics.

“My husband and I actually worked in the same restaurant and we both lost our jobs,” Mike said.

Mike turned to social media platforms only, fans where users sell original content to monthly users. Mick will post his picture weekly, sometimes nude or in lingerie. Photos are often taken at home by a professional photographer or her husband.

“It helps because it helps me and empowers me. It helps us financially, it keeps things interesting,” Mike said.

This teamwork has raised Mike to 5% of creators with just five fans who pay a monthly subscription rate of 14 14.99. He even made 600 tips in one day.

The company is based in London and since its launch in 2016 has reportedly paid out more than $600 million to the creators. The website has exploded with popularity as it allows fans to directly connect with the creators. Onlyfans offers a distinctive feature of “tips” where viewers can have one-on-one chat and demand what they want to see of experience.

This helps the creators to make a bulk of money and also develop a loyal fan following.

For the most part, pretty much, I’ve had quite a positive response. People say, ‘You’re a 25-year-old woman. You are married, as long as your husband is not well. ”

So how does it work?

Creators can set their page for freely accessible or paid access. They then reduced their monthly purchase rate from just $ 5 to $ 50.

At the top, fans can tip them directly. After that, only fans charge 20% of the revenue on the website.

“At the end of the day, you’re selling a product. The product itself. Or what you do, “said Ian Argo of Wolfowitz.

Argo is a professional photographer who only uses the funds platform to showcase his work.

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“It’s not like I’m putting myself in there. That’s what I do with other people. We have equal use agreements and everything like that. I work with a lot of models that They’re just fans, “he said.
Argo said.

At the top of his regular job, it’s 600 600 a month. It has about 40 subscribers who pay a subscription rate of 99.99.

“You can fulfill someone’s request. You are fulfilling someone’s imagination what they want to see or experience,” Argo said.

But at what cost? Although content creators receive compensation without personally interacting with clients, this does not necessarily mean that there are no risks.

“You have to be really conscious about your digital footprint. “When you post something, even if you consider it private, it’s not,” said Dr. Amber Faris, a professor at Akron University’s School of Communication.

Persia is also a research expert on the use and effects of social media.

“You should never publish anything you don’t expect. A paid site has the illusion of privacy like what you’re talking about.

According to our sister station in Sacramento, Fox 40, the same thing happened to a mother in California who was expelled from school only on the account of her fans.

“People can see results in getting a job in the future, applying to schools in the future, even having a job. I think employers are actively searching on social media.

Faris says to think of digital footprint as a crooked online.

The website is simple to use; you can either make an account as a creator or a view through Google or Twitter and you are free to use Onlyfans.

Onlyfans has gained more popularity as famous personalities such as Bella Thorn and Cardi B have become part of the Onlyfans community. The CEO reports observing a sharp rise in content creators as well as fans especially during times of the pandemic – reports Pocket-lint.

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