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Pretty handy girl mask – Today we live in the world which is not secured for us even for all the human beings. Here, one of the biggest problems is pollution. Soil pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and air pollution surround us. Among all these kinds of pollution, air pollution is the most dangerous pollution for all living things. We cannot see anything bad in our atmosphere by naked eye. Various germs like dangerous viruses and bacteria, poisonous gases, life-threatening aerosols and excess heat are the major environmental foes. Also, various allergens can harm us. The air pollutants are so tiny to see by naked eye. So how will we fight against these invisible germs?  These air pollutants enter our respiratory track through our nose and mouth. One of the best choices to stay protected and breathe safely is the use of face masks. Various face masks which are made of fiber can be used for this purpose. Also, surgical masks are used to breathe in clean and fresh air. But, the question is, can these masks be perfect for you? What is the guarantee that any of these masks will fit your face? You must sew your face mask yourself. Believe me it is not tough to sew it. Here, I will tell you the best tutorial to sew pretty handy face masks.

My Personal Experience with Pretty Handy Girl Mask Tutorial

Four months before, I was searching for the best mask for the protection against COVID-19 pandemic. I used a lot of surgical masks and many other face masks. I did not find any of them fit for me. It seemed like nobody will help me finding the desired face mask for me. There was a time when I had been fed up with all of those masks which were highly expensive and did not meet the requirements of mine. One day, I was searching for the best face mask on YouTube as usual. After watching a couple of videos, a channel came across. Brittany Bailey is a YouTube channel which is the best channel for learning about making of the pretty handy girl mask at home in just 30 minutes. It is not expensive. Instead, it uses all the stuff which can easily be available at home. It uses tea bags, fabric napkin, pillowcases, dress shirts etc. One of the best things of this tutorial is that most of the material used in sewing of this mask is interchangeable. It means if you do not have a coffee bag to make the edge of the nose, you can also use electrical tape for this purpose. Finally, I have reached my destination. Brittany Bailey has also a blog for Pretty Handy Girl Mask Tutorial in which she has discussed everything in detail in written form. I suggest you to visit that blog for help.

Pretty Handy Girl Mask Template

To prepare a mask at home, you just need to have some common things which you may already have in your house. You will need to take the following things:

  • A cloth from sleeves of any old or useless dress
  • Hair ties
  • Elastic hair-bands
  • Coffee bags
  • Tissue/paper towel

Method to get the Perfect Template

To sew a Pretty Handy Girl Mask template, place the tissue and tea bags at the cloth and just sew it by a machine with the size that fits you. It is as simple as that. Use hair-bands and hair ties to make the ear-stripes of the mask and sew it under the mask. So, seemingly this template can be prepared by anyone of us easily and of course you can also do it.

Biography of Brittany Bailey

Brittany Bailey is a blog writer and has also her own YouTube channel. She prepares things for handy girls efficiently. Her channel is one of the top-rated YouTube channels at this time. So are you interested to study about her life? Brittany Bailey is a woodworker, crafter and artist. She promotes DIY products among all the handy girls. She lives in a home with her husband, two sons and a dog. She seems a responsible and honest lady for her family. She encourages the women who want to make things at home. She told that she is a cool mom who has never restricted her kids to follow the strict manners. She has made most of the things of her home herself. It seems quite economical. She is a hardworking but cool person which has the ability to manage all the things in pressure. She has decorated her home well. All the things in her home are well-organized. She is also the hope of those ladies who want to be the perfect house wives.   She has requested to donate face masks as much as you can because it is the need of the day. Also, you can purchase her homemade pretty handy girl mask online by clicking the following link:

Reviews about Pretty handy girl mask

Brittany Bailey has more than three million visitors. A lot of people gave a good response about this mask. One of those visitors commented that he can talk and the mask does not irritate him while talking. Many people surprised after watching her tutorial because they had never thought like this before. This Pretty handy girl mask has become the source of learning about an easy way to sew perfect face covering mask. A lot of people are sewing a huge amount of masks by following the method discussed by Brittany Bailey and selling them online at the webpage of Brittany Bailey. In this way, it has also become the source of earning of many visitors. Another good thing is that people start saving their tea bags and all other disposable things. So if you are the one who has not watched the tutorial yet, you will be one of them who do not want to change their lives. Brittany Bailey YouTube channel is highly recommended by us that will help you to be a skilled person.

Bottom Line

After getting knowledge about the lifestyle of Brittany Bailey, we can easily say that life is the name of our struggle and we should enjoy to struggle for life. If we work hard for ourselves as well as others, we will gain the reward in this life. If we make things for our home by hand, we will feel more satisfied. Homemade Pretty handy girl mask sewed by Brittany Bailey is one of the best masks and the good point of this mask is that it gives us the opportunity to decide its size and security. It is our choice to use the air purifier filters in it. It is not a very complicated to prepare. Every one of us has definitely the spare time of at least 30 minutes which is enough to prepare this mask. Lastly, if you really want to do something by hand, follow this YouTube link which will make everything easy for you in a very short period of time.

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