Pulsarbuds Review – Legit or Hoax

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Have you ever heard of pulsarbuds com?

In this twentieth century, no one would like to go out for a market to buy something. People always prefer to shop anything online through their favourite e-commerce websites. They feel more comfortable and ease while purchasing something online. By doing so, they save a lot of time. But how can you ignore the presence of scammers on the internet?

In this article, you will come to know whether you should purchase Pulsarbuds Bluetooth or not!

What is Pulsarbuds Com?

Pulsarbuds Com is an online shopping store which sells Pulsarbuds Bluetooth. This e-commerce website claims that this Bluetooth is water-proof having wireless airbuds. Its playtime is 30 hours for iPhone and Android. Pulsarbuds com sells just Bluetooth devices and nothing else. But, no one can say this Bluetooth legit before getting much information about this online shopping store.

Specifications of Pulsarbuds Bluetooth

Some of its qualities are:

  1. Bluetooth 5.0
  2. Wireless Charging
  3. 30 Hr Play Time
  4. Deep Bass
  5. IPX4 Sweat & Water-proof
  6. Support All Devices

Is Pulsarbuds Com Website Scam?

If you are the one who wants to know whether Pulsarbuds com website is a scam or not, this article will provide you with a handy guide in this regard.

The following points will assure you whether Pulsarbuds is legit or just another hoax:

Age of Pulsarbuds Com

First of all, let’s take a look at the age of Pulsarbuds com. For that, whois website might help you a lot. Visit whois com website. You will find the registration date of this website there. Pulsarbuds com was registered three months ago.

As you may know that any shopping store takes around five years to gain the trust of viewers, you should not trust Pulsarbuds com website. It might loot you in seconds.

Email Address Information

The email address which Pulsarbuds com ahs mentioned in its Contact Us page is not unprofessional. Most scammers always use Gmail, outlook or yahoo domains in their email addresses which are an improper way. But, Pulsarbuds com has not used such unprofessional field. Must think about it wisely!

No Office Address

The office address is the key to access the right person. If you visit the Contact Us page of Pulsarbuds com, you will find no office address there. It means there is no facility available from Pulsarbuds com for returning the order in case of any fault.

How can you trust the office address which has not provided a return address? Just think about it!

No Social Media Icon

Pulsarbuds com is not present on a kind of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Also, there is no YouTube channel associated with this online shopping store. It means Pulsarbuds com does not want to show itself in front of social media, which gets us to think about it before shopping anything through it. Just think about it!


Pulsarbuds com has hidden a lot of information from its viewers. It has not provided any information about the return address and is not present at any social media platform. So, Pulsarbuds com is a highly suspicious online shopping store, and we would not recommend you to buy anything through this misleading and dodgy website.

Best of luck!

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