Pursebox.Site Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert!

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Pursebox.Site Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert! Do you want to purchase lace ribbons at a reasonable price?

This article will provide you with a complete guide about whether you should purchase anything through Pursebox store or not. 

Many of us want to decorate our clothes with the help of various kinds of lace ribbons. Lace ribbons enhance the glamour of clothes. You can purchase any lace ribbon of your choice and sew it at your dress. It is the best way to get your dress look pretty expensive. But where would we buy these ribbons?

Is there any store available, which is home of lace ribbons?

What is Pursebox Site?

Pursebox site is an online shopping store where you can find a wide variety of lace ribbons. Specifically, the size of these lace ribbons is ten yards. These are available in various colours including black nickel, copper, gunmetal, antique brass and antique silver etc.

If you cast a glance at the stock of Pursebox site, you will be fascinated by it. But do you think someone will not scam you?

The following points will help you out whether you should purchase any lace ribbon through Pursebox site or not:

Age of Pursebox                                                 

Age matters a lot to reveal the reality of any website in minutes. If you check the age of Pursebox site, you will know this is a newly-created site which was built just seventeen days ago. Seventeen days are not enough to trust any online store with any further investigation. It might be the online scam store which is created to cheat the people. Think wisely!

Fake Office Address

The office address mentioned in the Contact Us page of Pursebox site is also fake. If you want to know the reality behind this office address, search this address on Google, you will find that there is no office at this address. Also, no shop or anything else which can relate Pursebox store exists there. It is a fake office address mentioned by Pursebox site. Think about it!

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number provided on Pursebox site is not working yet. If you call at this number, you will find no one is available to answer your call. It is a dodgy phone number, and most scammers always use such random numbers to fall the innocent people pray to them. You should keep this point in mind before shopping anything through it. Just think about it!

Email Address Information

The email address provided at the Contact Us page of Pursebox site is one of the positive aspects of this website. By keeping this point in view, Pursebox site might not be a fake online store. It has used its brand name as the domain of its email address which most genuine people do. So, Pursebox store might not be a scam.

Payment Method

The payment method which Pursebox provides to its customers is just the PayPal mode. Most drop shippers provide the PayPal facility. Pursebox might also be one of them. Moreover, the stock which Pursebox store claims to have its one might also be the fake. It makes Pursebox site highly suspicious. Must think before buying through Pursebox site!


We have searched a lot to scrutinize Pursebox site deeply. Now, we have come to the point there is a lot of information which is fake in Pursebox. We suggest you not to purchase any lace ribbon through this online store. It may cheat you and swindle your money.

Best of luck!

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