Q Twists Reviews! Is This Device Legit or Scam?

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Do you want to know about the truth of Q Twists? Read this reviews!

Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any device from this online shopping website,

Read my article.

Have you ever heard about qtwists.com? If you want to purchase any product from this website, this article will help you out. In this twentieth century, you cannot say which online store is legit and which is scam. But, we will tell you some tricks to reveal the reality of any website in seconds.

What is qtwist.com?

Qtwists.com is an online shopping store which sells q-twist devices at very reasonable price. They claim to have a device which is very convenient to clean the ear. Also, they have different packages of this product to attract the costumers. After searching this website thoroughly, you will find nothing scam in this website. Still you have to know about this website deeply before making any decision. This article will help you to know the reality of q twists.

Medical Review

Medically, you should not enter any solid thing in your ear yourself. It might harm your ear drums and leads you to death. Doctors do not support such devices. If the condition of your ears is that bad, you should see your doctor for it instead of involving in such scam things. So medicall, Q Twists are not good for your ear health.

Identical Websites

Qtwists.com is not the only website where you can buy q twist devices online. You will be shocked to know the reality that qvacs.com and earcleaner.co are the examples of such online shopping websites where you can see the same stocks with the same images. Everything of these websites is same. Mostly, scammers do this to dodge the innocent people.

Age of the Website

If you want to know whether a website is trustworthy or not, you should see its age. Fraudsters always use newly created websites to swindle the people. In this way they remain secured from being caught by the police. To see the registered date of qtwists.com, place this web address in whois.com. You will get its registered date which will look like this: 2020-05-20. It means this website was come into existence less than one month ago. How can you believe in such a young website? It may be a scam.

Hidden Email Address

qtwists.com has not shown its real email address. If you place this website in whois.com, you will find its email address which does not relate to any email. It has used whoisguard.com to keep its email address private. But, the thing is, why did it not show its real email address? Is it frightened of being caught by the police? You must think about it.

No Return Address

qtwists.com has not given any return address. If you place the order but the order is not up to your standard, how will you return it to the company? Moreover, police cannot find it to arrest in case of any scam. So you should definitely think about it before purchasing anything from it.

No Social Media Presence

qtwists.com does not have any social media presence. If it is confident about its product, it will definitely want to get publicity through social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram etc. but, it has no existence in any of these social media sources. Why is it keeping its device secret? You must think about it.

Has no Money-back Guarantee

Once you purchase the device, you cannot return it to the company. Though in its website, it has confidently discussed everything about this device. It claims to have a device which performs well with no side-effect. Then, why did it not give a money-back guarantee. Is it not sure about the effects of device? If not, why you are going to buy this product? Think about this point deeply.


After getting all the information about qtwists.com, we have come to the point that q-twists are scam devices. They cost much more than their functionality. Moreover, you may also harm your ears badly. We advice you not to purchase any single device through this website. These devices are made to just loot the people. Be aware of all these kinds of devices.

Best of luck!

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