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Do you want to know about the truth of Read this reviews

Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

Are you looking for the right information about Readeta? Do not shop anything form readeta before reading this article. We will tell you the reality behind Readeta. Millions of scammers swindle the innocent people these days. No ordinary person can judge which website is trustworthy and which website is not. But, we will tell you some secret ways by which you will also be able to decide whether the specific website is legit or scam.

What Is is an online shopping center which sells a huge collection of women fashion clothes and other accessories including headbands, turbans, anklets, bracelets, caps, lip rings and glasses at a very reasonable price. Looking at the collection which is provided in this website, anyone of us can make one’s mind to shop through because all the stuff is very beautiful and attractive. But, do you not want to know about the detail of this website before putting your money at this website? Read this article to know the reality.

·        Age of the Website

All the fraud people use a newly created website to remain secured from the police. If you also want to see the age of, you just need to go and place the web address of Readeta there. You will find its registered date which will look like this: 2020-06-03. It means this website is just 10 days old. 10 days are not enough to trust any website. You must think about it before taking any decision of your shopping through It might be a scam.

·        Fake Social Media Icons has used fake social media icons in the bottom of its website. If you click anyone from these icons, you will find nothing but the same page. It means it wants to hide its identity in front of the whole world. It has used these icons just to cheat the people and get their attentions and trust.

·        Fake Return Address

The office address which is mention in this website is: 401 NW 7th St, Cape Coral, Florida, 33993. If you search this address on Google maps, you will find a big beautiful house but nothing else. No office exists there. It has provided a fake address. So, it is your responsibility to think about it before shopping anything through it.

·        Wrong Phone Number

The phone number provided at this website is +19382232563 which is also a scam and nothing else. We keep trying to call them but they do not answer even a single call of ours. It is a random number to cheat the people all over the world. So please try to make a call to that company before placing the order.


We have given you all the knowledge about After scrutinizing this website by special means, we have come to the conclusion that this website is absolutely a fake website which just tries to swindle you. So be aware of all these suspicious kinds of websites.

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