Rickua Reviews! Is Rickua Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Are you looking for the reality behind Rickua online shopping store?

Is it scam?

If you are the one who is wandering about to know whether Rickua.com website is scam or not, stop faffing around! You have come to the right site. Here, you will be informed about everything related to Rickua online shopping store and reality of the products which they claim to sell at their website Rickua.com. Who do not know about the springing scammers of the year 2020? Many people create the scam online shopping stores just to lure the innocent people. But, the question is, how can we judge which website is legit and which is wrong.

After reading this article, you will be able to know whether the specific online shopping website is legit or not. So read this article!

What is Rickua.com?

Rickua.com is an online shopping website where you can find a huge stock of various kinds of stuff including: animal clothes, artistic shower curtains, outsourcing tapes and Christmas tree skirts.

Rickua online shopping store claims to sell animal clothes like dog jacket, dog frock, coat dog, blanket style rain-coat for dogs, dog floral princess dress, winter coat for dogs and fancy organic dog dress etc.

Rickua also sells the artistic shower curtains like abstract shower curtain bathroom rug, art shower curtain, teal blue grey, beach bath curtain, coastal shower curtain, bathroom curtain and much more.

Among outsourcing tapes, you will find friendly cotton muslin bag, wooden USB box, friend’s mug, maste making tapes, zip lock plastic bags, gift box, jewelry packaging and DIY favor boxes etc.

Rickua.com also has a stock of various kinds of Christmas tree skirts.

After casting a glance at the whole stock of Rickua.com, you will definitely be stick to one of the products of Rickua.

Do you want to buy through Rickua.com?

If you are also the one who has been attracted towards the splendid stock of Rickua.com online shopping website and is going to buy something through it before getting much information about this website, you might be swindled by some unknown scammers. In this twentieth century, there is no difficulty to fraud using computer facility. So you should think deeply before getting any product through Rickua.com.

We are going to tell you some tricks by using which you will be able to judge whether Rickua.com online shopping website is scam or not.

Read this article thoroughly to know the reality of Rickua.com!

Age of the Website

You may have the idea that relatively older websites with no bad review coming from its customers are always the trustworthy websites. If we talk about the age of Rickua.com website, it is not that old. If you want to the real age of Rickua.com, go to whois.com and paste Rickua.com there. You will find that this website is not more than one month old. Such a short time is not enough to prove any website legit. You should also think about it wisely.

Suspicious Email Address

The email address provided at the contact us page of Rickua.com is an outlook email address. Outlook is not considered as the official email address of any genuine website. So what is the reason behind the provision of this outlook email address? Has Rickua.com the fear to be caught by the police? Usually scammers make such mistakes. You must think about it carefully before shopping anything through it.

Fake Office Address

Just visit the contact us page of Rickua.com. You will find that the office address which is provided at that page is also the fake address. To check the reality, copy this office address from the contact us page and simply paste it at the Google maps. You will find that there is nothing at this office address but a home. How can a home be the office address of such huge online shopping store? It makes Rickua.com a highly suspicious online shopping website.

Price of the Products

Usually scammers claim to sell cheap products to fall innocent people a prey to them. But, in case of Rickua.com, there is nothing like that. The price of the products of the whole stock of Rickua.com shopping store is very reasonable. For example, the price of a dog jacket is $119.00 only which is quite reasonable. You cannot doubt at this website by keeping in view the prices of the products being sold at Rickua.com. So it might be a legit website.

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number provided at the contact us page of Rickua.com online shopping website is also the scam. To check the reality, try this phone number to make call. No one will answer any single call of yours. This is absolutely a wrong phone number. This trick is frequently used trick by most of the scammers to dodge the innocent people. How can a legit online shopping website provide you a wrong phone number of its office? This thing makes Rickua.com website suspicious. Think about it!

No Social Media Presence

Rickua.com has no presence at any platform of social media. You cannot find Rickua.com online shopping website at facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube and nowhere else. Usually genuine websites always use the social media platform to get the publicity of their products. But, why Rickua.com does not want to get publicity by this way. Is it hiding itself in the fear to be caught by the cyber officer? It might be a scam. Think about it!


After getting a deeper dive into investigating of Rickua.com online shopping website, we have come to the conclusion that there is nothing legit in this website. It is absolutely a scam website. Such websites have the only intention to loot your money without delivering anything to you because Rickua.com has also not provided the cash on delivery facility to its customers. So you will have to pay before buying. It is a highly-risky online shopping website and you should stay away from all such scam websites. It might also hack your bank account information.

Best of luck!

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