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Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

Have you ever heard about Shoppica? Are you interested to know some interested things about this online store? As you may know thousands of online shopping scams are springing up every day. Many people fall a prey to them. We have some tricks to judge whether a website is legit or scam. In this article, we will share all these tricks with you.

What is Shoppica?

Shoppica is an online shopping center where you can find a huge collection of women accessories. Basically, this online store is made to meet all the requirements of the ladies. Here you can find women clothing, shoes, lingerie, accessories (bags, belts, scarves, glasses etc), jewelery, and various health and beauty products. But, do you hear about Shoppica for the first time? In this article, you will be provided all the information about Shoppica. Read my reviews.

Is Legit? is the website of Shoppica company where you can place your order online. But, do you want to know everything about before placing the order? The following information will help you a lot to come to the conclusion whether is a legit website or scam.

·        Fake Categories

While visiting, you find a categories menu at the top. After placing the cursor at that menu you will get a list including clothing, shoes, and lingeries etc which have sub-categories further. But, if you click anyone of them, you will find nothing but different electronic devices. So is being used for the wrong purpose.

·        Age of the Website

This website is 9 years old. Go to and place there. You will find its registered date which will be like this: 2011-03-07. Anyhow, Being 9 years old is a good point of this website because fake people mostly use newly created websites to swindle the innocent audience.

·        Fake Social Media Icons has used the fake social media icons. By clicking any option from the facebook and twitter, you will not find anything there. Why did they use these fake social media icons? They just want to get the trust of the customers by doing this and nothing else.

·        Hidden Email Address has not shown its real email in it is kept in the privacy of how can you claim that this website which has this specific email has deceived you? Scammers and fraud person always hide their identity to remain secured from the police.

No Return Address

Most of the genuine websites have a returning address. But, if you visit the contact us page of, you will find no return address. It means if you purchases a product through this website and unfortunately you do not like that product, at which address will you return it? Moreover, if a company does not tell you the address, police cannot catch that owner of that company easily. So it must be a scam which is keeping all its information hidden.


After visiting the website and gathering all the information through other resources, we have come to a conclusion that this website is absolutely scam. We have given you all the proofs by which you can make your decision. We recommend you not to purchase anything from this online store because it is just created to loot the people and for nothing else. So our advice is that you should be aware of all these kinds of scams.

Best of luck!

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