Simplco Reviews! Is it Real or Fake Website?

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Simplco Reviews – If you are searching for a source to know the reality behind Simplco shopping store, you have come to the right site! In this twentieth century, numerous people are getting scammed by the fake online shopping websites every day. You should learn some smart tricks to stay secured against all such kinds of scams. This article will provide you a handy guide to decide whether you should shop through Simplco site or not. So read on this article!

What is Simplco Site?

Simplco Site is an online shopping website where you can find a huge variety of pillows like Bedding Baby Kids Pillow Anti Roll Sleeping Pillow and Newborn Baby Nordic INS Shaping Pillow. Basically, this website is selling pillows but various unrelated products are also being at this website.

After just watching the images of the stock of Simplco Site, you may think there is nothing wrong in this website. But, it might be one of the scam online shopping stores. To know the reality, read on this article!

Specification of Simplco Site

  1. Website type: Multi-purpose store
  2. Web address:
  3. Shipping: Within twenty-four hours
  4. Delivery: Within 7-10 days
  5. Returns: within 14 days
  6. Refunds: Full refunds
  7. Return address: 1375 Bynum way, Oakley, CA 94561 United States
  8. Phone number: (678) 571-5241
  9. E-mail address: [email protected]
  10.  Payment method: PayPal

Is Simplco Legit?

You may know that there are numerous scammers springing up day by day in this twentieth century. We cannot trust any kind of online shopping store without getting much information about that shopping website. If you are searching for some source to know the reality behind Simplco, you have come to the right site. Here, you will be told all the possible tricks by using which you will be able to know the truth of any ecommerce shopping website.

The following points will provide you a handy guide to decide whether you should purchase anything through Simplco Site or not:

Age of the Website

This website is a recently built website. If you check the age of this website at, you will find that it is just twenty seven days old shopping website. Twenty seven days are not enough to say any website legit. So Simplco Site might be a scam. You should think about this point wisely.

Price of Pillows

The price of all the pillows being sold at Simplco Site is quite reasonable which may be the legit sign of this website. You can purchase pillow of any style or design which you like most through this website. You will be charged a very reasonable price for that.

Fake Office Address

If you visit the contact us page of Simplco Site, you will find that the office address there. That office address is quite dodgy. If you search this address at Google, you will find that there is no office at this address. All you will find is just a house.  House can never be the office address of any kind of online shopping website. So it seems pretty risky to shop through Simplco Site.

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number which Simplco Site has provided is also the fake phone number. If you call at this number, you will find that this number is offline. It always remains offline which is a bad sign to judge the reality of this website.

No Social Media Icon

Simplco has not provided any kind of social media icon in its website.  How can it possible that this website does not want to get publicity at the social media platform? Usually genuine websites are always available at social media because they have no fear to be arrested in the crime of looting the people but the scammers always remain hidden to stay safe.

Pros of Simplco Shopping Store

  1. All the pillows look gorgeous
  2. Price of the pillows is reasonable
  3. The website is SSL secured
  4. Free shipping

Cons of Simplco Shopping Store

  1. There is no costumer review
  2. misleading contact information
  3. price of product is a bit expensive


These are all our search to know whether Simplco Site shopping website is legit or scam. Now we have come to this clear point that there is a lot of misleading and dodge information available at this website. You should not trust such online shopping stores. These websites are just created to lure you.

Best of luck!

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