Sokokz Reviews! Is Scam or Legit Store?

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Do you want to know about the truth of Read this reviews

Is it scam?

If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

Are you looking for any information about This article will help you a lot. Many people told us that they placed the order at but they are still waiting to have it on their doors. They cannot contact to the company. They asked us whether they have been lured or not? So, in this article, we will reveal everything about

What is is an online shopping faculty which sells glamorous women clothing like shirts, tops, knitwear and many other different kinds of dresses. It also kayaks, water slides, tricycles, etc.  We cannot say this website is a scam after looking at the attractive images of dresses. But, are the images enough to trust a certain website? Obviously, no. we have gathered some important information about which will hopefully be enough for you to take the right decision. So, read this article to know the reality of

Fake Address has shared its office address in its contact us page which is: 4579 W Woodtrail Ct, New Palestine, IN 46163 United States. But, when we searched this address at Google maps, we found nothing. There is was an empty space there. No manufacturing factory or anything else like that which can prove the presence of was found. It is absolutely a fake address. You must be aware of this website.

Hidden Email Address

After searching this website at, you will find that this website has not shown its real email address. shows its email like this: [email protected]. As we have already told you about the reality of in our previous article, this is just used to hide the real email address and make it private.  But, the thing is, if we do not know the real email address of a website, how can we file a case upon it in case of any scam? You must have to think about it.

No Social Media Presence which sells such a glamorous women clothing and many other things, has no social media presence. Do they not want to make their products popular? They have no facebook page, no instagram and no twitter link at their website. Why do they do so? You should think about it deeply before taking any decision about it.

Expensive Clothes sells its attractive clothes at a very high price. For example, an Eva dress is being sold at $324.00 which is pretty much expensive. A Zola dress costs $372.00. The price of a Tommy Jumpsuit is $335.00. the high price of these clothes do not let us think that it may be a scam because most of the fake online stores sell things at a very low price to get the attentions of the people. So it is a good point of

Age of the Website

If you want to see how old is, visit and place this there. You will get all the necessary information about this website including its age. shows its registered date as: 2020-04-08 which means it is just two months old website. How can you trust a newly created online store? It may be a scam. Normally, scammers create new websites to fall a prey to innocent people. So think about it before taking any decision.


After searching a lot about by various ways, we have come to the conclusion that it may be a scam. The chances of this websites to be a scam are 90%.but, if you still think to shop through; you will be at high risk. We recommend you not to shop through this website. It may swindle you.

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