Sponelle.site Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert!

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This article is a complete guide of Sponelle reviews.

Sponelle.Site Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert! Do you want to purchase ribbons at a reasonable price?

Are you searching for the luxurious ribbons to decorate your gifts?

Ribbons are the bands of cloth, plastic or metal. These are mainly used to bind gifts. As you may know that gifts hold their importance to save relations, we should present them beautifully. For that purpose, ribbons are introduced. Every one of you would want to buy pretty gift ribbons.

In this article, you will be told whether Sponelle store is safe for shopping ribbons or not.

What is Sponelle?

Sponelle is an online shopping store which claims to sell a wide variety of gift ribbons like single face satin ribbon, corduroy cloth stripe ribbon, new square ribbon, handmade printed polyester ribbon, sliver edge satin ribbon and many other kinds of ribbons. Categorically, this site can be called ribbons home.

But, if you want to know the reality behind Sponelle, follow the points given below:

Age of Sponelle

In confirming the legitimacy of any site, the age of that website matters a lot. Generally, old websites are always trustworthy. But, in the case of Sponelle, there is nothing like that. If you want to check the age of Sponelle yourself, go to whois.com and place this web address there. You will find that this site is just seventeen days old website. How can such a young website be legit? Must think wisely!

Fake Office Address

To buy anything through online shopping website, we must read the Contact Us page of it. So, if you see the Contact Us page of Sponelle site, you will find the office address there. But, let’s check this office address on Google. You will find no office or anything else at this address. It is, absolutely, a fake online store which misleads the people.

Fake Telephone Number

The phone number provided at Sponelle site is also fake. You cannot call at this number because it always remains offline. How can such a vast online shop provide an offline phone number? Mostly, the scammers offer fake telephone numbers to dodge the innocent people. But, in reality, they want to deceive them and nothing else. Must think at this point!

Email Address Information

There is good news!

Sponelle site has provided its professional email address to its users, which is a good point of this site. For this point, Sponelle might not be a scam website. Mostly, official websites always use their brand name as the domain of their email address. So, it does not get us in suspicion. It may be a legit site.

No Social Media Icons

Sponelle site does not exist at any social media platform. How can it possible in this twentieth century? At this time, everyone wants to get fame quickly through social media. But, for Sponelle site, there is nothing like that. It has not introduced any social media icon on its website, which is, absolutely, a bad sign. It seems Sponelle site wants to hide its appearance in front of social media. Why is it doing this? Think about it!


Now, you may have come to the point whether Sponelle site is legit or not. After keeping all aspects in mind, you may, quickly, say this Sponelle is just a scam online store, and nothing more. There is a bunch of information, which Sponelle site has provided wrong to its users. Most information kept on Sponelle site is misleading and dodgy. However, the last verdict is yours. We recommend you not to purchase any ribbon through Sponelle site.

Best of luck!

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