Sthailish Com Reviews – Legit or Hoax

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Are you searching for the reality behind Sthailish Com?

If you are a woman, you will love trendy fashion clothing. For that reason, numerous women keep searching online shopping places to buy a glamorous and trending dress. By doing so, they want to get a unique look. No one can deny the significance of fashion in our daily life. Everyone gets bored with one style after some time. People need new methods to enhance their standard of living.

So, they need a platform where they can stay connected to a new fashion. Sthailish Com claims to be one of those online shopping platforms.

In this article, you will know whether you should purchase any clothing through Sthailish Com or not:

What is Sthailish Com?

Sthailish Com is an online shopping website which claims to have a clear vision to facilitate women with up-to-day fashion clothing. It is an e-commerce website which is selling various women dresses, tops, bottoms, jeans and different other trending dresses.

Some of its items are lace dresses, maxi dresses, mini dresses, evening gown, long sleeve zip hoodie, sweatshirt and bikini. However, you can also see a limited stock of fantastic ladies shoes on this website. Sthailish Com offers matching purse for free along with these shoes. Isn’t it surprising?

Among shoe category, you can see furry rainbow slides, faux fur slides, glitter flat slipper and much more.

However, Sthailish Com might be the scam shopping store.

To reality, follow the points given below carefully:

Age of Sthailish Com

Age is the key to know whether the specific shopping store is trustworthy among the people or not. Mostly, five year time is enough to trust any e-commerce website. Now is the time to check the age of Sthailish Com. for that, you will have to go to whois com and place the web address there. You will find that this website is around three months old. Three months never is enough time to gain the trust of viewers. So, Sthailish Com is not a trustworthy website.

Email Address Information

Secondly, check the email address of Sthailish Com. for that; go to the Contact Us page of this website. You will see an email address there. That email address can be the legit sign of this website. The email address which Sthailish Com has provided to its viewers is entirely professional. It has used its brand name “Sthailish” as the domain of its email. So, it might be a legit online store.

No Return Address

There is no return address of Sthailish Com website. To know the reality, go to the Contact Us page of Sthailish Com. you will find no return address there. For satisfaction, you can also examine the whole website but all in vain. You would not find any office address of Sthailish Com. It means Sthailish Com does not exist physically. So, you should be aware of such scam shopping stores.

Social Media Presence

Sthailish Com has provided two social media icons in its Contact Us page, which are Facebook and Instagram. If you click any icon, you will find that Sthailish Com is present on that platform. It owns a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. You should know that most scammers never show their identity in front of any social media platform. But, Sthailish Com did not avoid such platforms. So, for that reason, Sthailish Com might not be the scam.


After reviewing Sthailish Com in detail, we have come to know that Sthailish Com has hidden a lot of necessary information from its viewers. It has no office address, no contact number and nothing else by which we can access the right person in case of any fraud. So, we would never recommend you such a misleading online shopping store. It might loot you within a couple of minutes.

Best of luck!

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