Tmeyerboys Com Reviews – {Oct Update 2020} Is This Legit site?

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There are so many websites that sell fashion and lifestyle products. But today Tmeyerboys com Reviews presents, a website dedicated to all kinds of tools and jackets that come with the tools.

So read the end of the articles to learn more about, its products, prices, and everything.

What is is a site that would make men in America drool. You seldom find a website that sells all the tools you need for plumbing, gardening, lighting, hand tools, power tools, etc. This website offers just that with layers of packaging toolboxes and incredibly low prices.

However, before making a purchase, we recommend that you proceed with caution. Tmeyerboys com Avis has all the details you need to make your purchase on this new website. First confirm that is a scam and then buy.

The Pros Tmeyerboys

The website has a variety of tools necessary for everyday as well as professionals.

The proposed jackets are not only modern, but also very practical and resistant.

Incredibly low prices for branded tools.

PayPal guarantees secure transactions.

The website is certified by https and is not detected by a blacklisting mechanism.

The Cons Tmeyerboys

The site has been operational since August 21, 2020.

Products are not shipped to third world countries or regions.

The site is great for buying tools, but only offers jackets when it comes to clothing.

There are no customer comments on the site.

In addition, no contact person, telephone number or address is stated. reliable?

Tmeyerboys com Avis found many suspicious items while searching the website.

First, to judge the tools and their list prices, the deals are too good to be true. Any branded product, for example DeWalt tools, is included for only 10% of the actual price. These discounts refer to a fake website.

Second, the PayPal logo appears to be a loaded screenshot because nothing happens when you click on it. If you choose PayPal manually in your payment options, the website will notify you that there is a connection error and you will need to change your PayPal password. This is a great success because the moment you change it, the website captures your account information.

Third, the website suddenly appeared on August 21, 2020. There are also no social media pages linked to this website.

Fourth, the “About Me” section is on the privacy notice page and identifies you as a Chinese apparel manufacturer. The tools that make up 90% of the products offered are not mentioned.

And finally, there is no customer review section or contact details on the website. If you would like to contact us, you must fill out a form that we have prepared to clarify, but you have not responded yet. The email address listed is also not very responsive.

What do customers say?

Tmeyerboys com customer reviews from the United States were found affected by this fraudulent website. Their PayPal was hacked and they had to file complaints. Several customers said they were unable to place orders because the page asked them to update their PayPal password.

We have not found any positive reactions. However, one or two customers have already called the site a scam.

Our verdict

Tmeyerboys com Avis recommends that you stay away from this site as it is not only a scam but also a scam site. This site would invade your payment wallets and steal your money. They can even exchange your personal information for money online.

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