Tshopart Reviews! Is Tshopart Website Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard about tshopart online store?

Is it legit? Read this review!

We have received some requests to reveal the reality of tshopart.com shopping website. so now we are going to tell you each and everything about this online store by which you can decide whether you should purchase anything through this website or not. Moreover, you will be able to judge the legitimacy of any website in minutes. So read this article thoroughly!

What is tshopart.com?

Tshopart.com is an online shopping website where you can find a huge stock of various kinds of water pool sets including above ground pools like easy pool sets mini frame pools, metal frames, prism frames and ultra XTR frames. Moreover, it sells floating recliner lounge, mega chill, giant floating mats, inflatable bouncer toys and much more. It has also kept some irrelevant stock to sell like cozy kid’s airbed, corner sofa, and beanless bag chair and pull-out sofa. It has also a small stock of crystal clear filtration and sanitization products like crystal clear saltwater system, crystal clear cartridge filter pump and crystal clear cartridge a tri-pack etc.

After keeping in view such a huge variety of things, anyone can say it is a legit website. But, the risk of this website to be scam still exists.

To know the reality, read on this article.

Age of the Website

The age of tshopart.com website is just two and a half month. If you want to see its age yourself, visit whois.com and type tshopart.com there. You will find its registration date there which is not more than two and a half month. Such a young website never be a trustworthy and is just used by the scammers. So it might be a scam!

Hidden Email Address

Tshopart.com has not shared its real email address to its viewers. Instead, it has used a privacy named superprivacyservice to stay in disguise. Why would tshopart.com do so? Usually genuine website does not hide any information like this from their viewers and scammers always do this. So think about it wisely!

No Return Address

You will be surprised to know that tshopart.com which has such a huge and attractive stock has no return address. It means this online store does not want you to return any product in case of any fault. Moreover, by doing this, you will not reach the owner of this online store and he/ she will remain safe from police. So tshopart.com website has a high risk to be scam.

No Social Media Icon

Tshopart.com has no social media presence which means you will not find the presence of this website at any kind of social media app. Though the use of social media icons has become necessary to get the publicity these days, tshopart.com has not used it. But why? Does it not want to get advantage by facebook or twitter? Has it a fear to be arrested? Think about it!

Blank Contact Us Page

If you visit the contact us page of tshopart.com, you will find no information to contact this online store. All you will find is just a box to submit your message to them. This is really unfair. Genuine websites never do this. Think wisely!


After gathering all the necessary knowledge about tshopart.com website, we have come to the conclusion that this website is not legit. It is created to loot the innocent people.

Be aware of it!

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