Zerlos Com Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert!

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Zerlos Com Reviews – Legit Or Scam Alert! Do you want to purchase rhinestones at a reasonable price?

This article provides a complete review of Zerlos online shopping store!

Zerlos shopping website is selling various kinds of rhinestones. It is informed you that the rhinestones are widely used to enhance the glamour of clothes. These stones can be sewed or glued at the clothes. However, there are various other uses of these rhinestones like these are used in jewellery, earrings, bracelets, bags and shoes. Rhinestones can also be used to decorate your home.

Zerlos com shopping website claims to sell such useful rhinestones.

But, is it safe to buy these rhinestones through Zerlos? This article will give you the complete Zerlos reviews, and you will be able to decide whether Zerlos is a reliable online store or not.

What is Zerlos?

Zerlos is the name of an online shopping store, and its official website is Zerlos com. If you visit this website, you will find that Zerlos is selling a massive variety of rhinestones for various decoration purposes. For example, Zerlos claims to sell acrylic rhinestones and nail rhinestones. The material of these rhinestones is resin. These are available in both round and square shape.

The category which it has mentioned at the home page of its website is rhinestones and decoration.

Here are some points which will be helpful for you to know whether Zerlos com is a scam or not:

Age of Zerlos Com

To check how old Zerlos shopping store is, go to whois.com. You will find that Zerlos com is just a two-week-old shopping website. Two weeks is not enough to say this website legit. It might be just the scam of someone because scammers always prefer to use new sites to cheat the people.

Payment Mode of zerlos

If you purchase any rhinestones through zerlos, it will provide you just the PayPal facility for the payment. Most scam drop shippers provide only the PayPal facility to their customers. So this is a suspicious point for the legitimacy of zerlos. Zerlos com might also be one of such drop shippers.

Email Address Information

Zerlos rhinestones shopping store claims to have an email address which it has shared with the viewers at its contact us page. [email protected] is the email address of Zerlos com website. This email provides its services 24/7. So it is one of the positive points of Zerlos. It seems Zerlos might not be the scam.

Presence of Zerlos at Social Media

The social media platform is the most favourite place of any website to get publicity quickly. Usually, the legit sites can be seen at the twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other type of social media platform. But, zerlos has not provided such icons at its website: zerlos com.

It seems zerlos shopping store is afraid of getting arrested by the cyber officer.


It is all the necessary information about Zerlos rhinestones shopping store. We have come to the point that Zerlos might not be the scam. However, it might be a scam for some reasons mentioned above. But, you should be aware of all the online shopping websites, which is even a little bit suspicious. We suggest you think carefully before shopping the rhinestones through Zerlos com. Anyhow, the final decision is yours.

Think wisely!

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